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Angel Coming

A bomb strike zone, when the last note Qiaoxia time, West Road, which is still closed his eyes, as if already reluctant to open.

Talk about the song “Teanb” when his mind is Qiexi Ya aftertaste of betrayal and hypocrisy paradise.

When you touch the piano keys of a sudden, he did not touch the piano should be a long time did not feel strange, he always felt that familiar, he will own the hearts of all the sadness, grief, frustration are all integrated into the sound of the piano.

He then stood up, but it is surprised to see him standing beside the pianist’s face seems to be totally shocked to stay, and he also noted that the restaurant very quiet, everyone seems to stop and hand movements, it seems is steeped in memories of the old days.

Finally, do not know who the first one recovered, loud shout loudly: good. uenuuenggoodl This is obviously a foreigner.

Then, other people have gradually recovered. I do not know who is the first muster the palm, then thunderous applause resounded throughout the restaurant, the better people stand up, take a look at this play so be able to touch people’s hearts resonate piano man Who.

“Sir, you are playing is really good!” Pianist who also recovered, said seriously.

“Thank you, thank you.” Road West faint smile, which he knew the restaurant under the applause sounded all because of his music, he constantly stooping, sitting along the right and left on the table with those who applaud him for Guests continuously saying, “Thank you, thank you!”

After he walked back to the table just to see Wang Xinyi draw a paper towel gently wipe his eyes. He sat back in the seat, faint smile, and asked: “Hey, how do you it?”

“Oh, my, I did not, all right, huh.

Wang Xinyi barely smile, look to the West Road, and now her eyes to see the way the West has more than a hint of recognition and admiration, she agreed that today this society one of the boys know how to play the piano is a taste of the boys.

Road West, let alone play the piano playing is so good, that is simply given a life-like piano. Playing out the voice of the soul are directly touched a human mind.

After eating and Wang Xinyi Road West in Morohito buzz in a restaurant, West Road, a restaurant felt a wave moving in his breath coming and very terrible, and thus be quickly and Wang Xinyi said goodbye, teleport appear in the vast expanse of the desert, looked up at the sky.

After 5 minutes, 10 several large bright fireball with amazing breath rushed to the road west, 20 people, with a bright white light, like a meteorite hit the sand, white inside, 20 people dressed in golden armor, one knee, then slowly stood up, and then looked around.

Suddenly, his eyes across all riveted road west. Then stand up and a 10-winged angels said: Lucifer, in the name of our Lord God destroy cut you.

West Road, laugh, do not cut, said: Oh … on you? I was like a consolation to Michael in the past day, actually he tired of living, Well, I’ll give it to him good, and let you experience what is called the real power.

Then, suddenly dark forces sent from the body, the way the West wrapped up the whole person, and so dispersed breath when I saw the way the West has been changed back to ruby ​​red eyes, and bright red hair, wearing big God tube dark robes, launched a 12 blackness behind the wings, holding a sickle and the source of darkness, seven seven capital sins rotate it around, comes out of the momentum so that 20 angels kneeling on the ground directly.

Minions ah, kneeling in front of me shaking the.

20 angels look at this sky, an eight-winged angels trembling asked, his strength could be so perverted, so to do, 10 winged angel answered: What are they afraid of God said tube length can be used when necessary skills to fit taboo.

The reason why this skill is contraindicated skills fit as too costly, and sometimes exhausted after two may die a fit, even immortality will be decimated.

20 large white angel who put other disappeared 20 Angel has become 10, among them eight 12 wings, two are 10 wing.

West Road disdain Leng Heng, said: You have even taboo skills are used out? Well how can you enlighten me on how to let the power of my thousandth good.

10 Angels fly around the sky Road West, took their bright instruments.

Yingkang a few wings and a strike, then the body flash, before moving to West Road, West Road, useless forces of darkness, but rather kick kicked him down.

Sword was kicked after the body of an angel that were crooked, but soon the body like a top of a turn in the air, but also did not forget to use the road west wing attacked several times, then stand firmly on the ground.

“Sinners ……” He almost two meters long sword cross pointing West Road, glow mouth smile.

Road West, with the dark forces wrap two hands, then disdain: all put together.

Bang ……

Overflowing strength to make this already old pyramid to pieces, intertwined with black light, the light of all those present were dangling open eyes, no one seems to be present


10 Angel Road West, launched simultaneously in the melee, holding the instruments used in the West toward the road cut off, but they just cut to the road west of the blur.

And they came a Juteng left wing, shot from the side and saw white wings, and have more of a focal black paw prints.

Road West, laughed: Haha … this is your strength you, ah ~ I continue to accompany you to play, then 12 jet wings startled a 12-winged angel came behind, kick left him Gouchi Shi .

Winged angels that were 12 to get up later, shouted: bright enchantment, then 10 people around West Road, the road west around with the power to create a bright enchantment, West Road, in the enchantment smiles This is your Strength? I’m so disappointed, and then direct the forces of darkness to break through closed circles,

10 angels were road west dark forces of impact shock to the ground, 10 angels fear to see which way the West, this is eight 12-winged angel 2 10 winged angel enchantment Yeah, so be broken, and this guy too sick to

Road west wings startled, fist smashing an angel to go over.

Him to turn round in a circle, again blocking the road west sword fist.

Left ……

Front ……

This is like a door, like the Sword, with his own place as the axis of rotation, completely blocking the road west all of the fist.

Voice sounded increasingly high density, and later became almost continuous knocking sound. Blade covered with coke black boxing printing.

Road West, while rapidly moving forward, while issuing terror smile.

This guy …… but still quite stupid brains do.

Road West, high jump, then pushed a seven capital sins, piercing into an angel’s head.

After a half-day melee combat, 10 angels on the remaining five, the road west revealing his horrible smile and said: Well, had enough, let you enlighten me on the power law of the Orient,

The remaining five angels standing on the ground has been exhausted, and the way the West is the body constantly circulated this atmosphere of terror, two hands and setting out a dark force the ball new york escort.

Then these remaining five angels shouted one: Dance Macabre, two hands to five attacks in flying angel sent on their way, become as black Mohun general roaring sky to have tens of thousands of Mohun high lingered, one by one through five angel’s body.

Tin Road laugh and said: ha ha … in pain and fear to die, and so all of the fallen angels 10 when, West Road, go around them, dark energy emitted by the body put them all wrapped up, and then shout a: Wan France wins dust must,

This work is made from an evil emperor Road West, take it over the hands, that were cups most evil emperor to the last record of the power law also suck his spotless, and suck out the power law or kinship ** vampire do not, they can only absorb body strength 1% or 10 other full time wasted in the suction, and this power law is able to absorb one hundred percent. There are cheap does not account for the so-called bastard, not white do not.

Absorption after completing Mission Road West, setting out 10 ultimate ground fire, burn them are not even the residue, and then on the day shout slogans to, ha ha, Michael knew I come back yet? Fear yet? Scared yet? Ha ha ha ha … this is just the beginning of your nightmare, my revenge will never so simple, you have given me the pain of Lucifer, I will return you a thousand times, ha ha ha … [Book Youqun 104,090,742 favorite add about]

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