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The next day, West Road, slowly waking up early in the morning, there appeared a familiar feeling, a grasping hand, soft. . Also heard a groan, suddenly understand how it happens, opened his eyes and saw that Ai children in this blushing face with watery eyes look at this himself, and saw his beautiful lips, kiss slowly go up. Desires filled with road west of the brain.

Road West, think straight vent, tongue, stretching her mouth, quickly wraps her little Xiangshe in her mouth constantly flip sucking footmarks sweet fluid, a special body to Ai children under pressure in the body, and then slowly slowly receded pieces of his beige dress, and soon, Ai children reached the first time ever. **

Passion and Ai children at the time found infuriating road west of living surging out from the incoming road west of the body, rapidly went to the location of the pubic region. Hey speak nakedness came a warm, are not clinging to their own, but over time, the way the West can not think so, because more and more infuriating pass, Ai child is now just an ordinary kinship, go on like this I’m afraid she will die because of too much force, West Road, extremely anxious not help, I do not know how good or luck, and suddenly kissed her look, really from the lower body incoming airflow over Ai child body meridians converge to the final pubic region, re-transmission circuits West vivo, so that several cycles, West Road, discovered the body of the darkness like a breath of air seemed to be very happy to send a strong active, West Road, could not help rejoicing.

After the passion, once spooned, etc. Road West woke up at noon, and found Ai child is no longer around, but the road west front of the chair with her watery eyes look at this myself, West Road looking embarrassed, old blushed.

Puff … Ai children could not help laughing, said: yo yo, big pervert would blush.

She did look at this and appetizing Sai Zi, and void a grasping, pulling her back to the arms, Ai child leaning on road west arms, like a baby, said: husband, Ai child is the future of your people, oh, do not bully Ai children, otherwise you’ll kill your AI children, hum.

Road west hand of the devil, and slowly reached into his futon, feeling the delicate skin, this way, West Road linger Yeah, Ai children knew I was in mischief, and blush, Resentment, said: husband, do not tease Ai children yet, Ai children are physically tired, oh.

Hey, is his wife’s body to tempt me Oh, who told me Ai child so beautiful, her husband could not help but want to mess with my wife stroked it, in fact, all this does, is his wife well, hey, West Road, began rogue said.

Halo, Ai children wrong there and do you a mischief early on people, and said people tempted you, rogue, villain, big pervert, ignore you. Sahib personnel Ai children, especially like coquetry, which is also supported by a road west love handles, speak very shy, so Chu MORALS really want to rain again.

Stopped amused, then Ai child righteous rhetoric, said: husband, you are fallen angels of the first, is our kinship God, why would it appear in the East? That dark artifact is not relevant to you.

Road West, haltingly said: That ~ ~ ~ In fact, my wife … you feel that dark artifact is out, except that the convergence up immediately, so you just feel a bit, they disappear from NY Escort service.

Ai children listen Road West, finish, and then asked: So my husband, you that there is no darkness artifact, I went back to our kinship cross, the Court recently taught people are very rampant, stroking it to her hair, smiled and said : Dark artifact I have a lot, just to give you a few pieces of matter, but you want to go?

Ai children hear Road West, saying, smiled and said: Do not want to, I do go back to change things done, to come back with you, and hear it, West Road, a little better than a little, and then come up a dark armor and a fallen angel falling to Ai children self-defense, the other gave her a plain dark artifact to let him cross.

In the West, on the plane when the road said: my wife, like me give me a call, that the fallen angels fall not only energy is very powerful, and I can sense him anywhere you can teleport to your side, you must take Oh, Ai child nodded again, and come to a road west kiss, this on the plane.

Soon, a semester quickly past exam, to go to the Spring Festival, and language to go back to Shanghai Xin reunion dinner with their parents, in order to come back to school, Xiao Nizi every day grumbles, his face unhappy, he just said: “My husband, good to go back with me, I do not want you to separate thing.”

“Halo, opening soon, and good, oh, you do not send me a phone Well, as long as you want me, then call me, oh.”

A look of dismay looking at language Xin Road West, which they love the first time since a long period apart, at the airport, tightly clasped Road West, full of tears, but for the parents blow, she was going to be do not take it! .

West Road, a finger touched her nose, pity and said: “Do not cry, oh, good, we will soon be together, crying on the ugly.”

West Road shopping on the street, everywhere a festive, couplets, firecrackers, etc. Love are placed in the street, looked great day Chinese New Year tradition. Breath of wind couplets have been floated, and and turn to go a pharmacy that says read trick had studied medicine apprentice, regardless of age! .

Road West, and went in, looked at an old man doing on the stool is holding a medical book and watching the West came after watching the road and said: “Sir, you came for drugs?.”

Road West, shook his head, looking at the old with the same as if the people see through glances, and immediately looked back and said: “Oh, I have come as an apprentice, but I can not understand anything.”

Old man looked at the West Road, West Road, looked and said: “ah, long handsome you, giving an honest feeling, but his mouth and said:” Well, I am going to try your days, you want to strive to learn, learn, and just as you try to work inside! .

These days, West Road, also intentions to learn life, you learn a few samples, count a few, worthy of God, learn what very quickly, mental have developed over what science unpleasant, even if you teach West Road construction, that speed will be very fast, depends Road West is not interested in a sense, basic, cold, and other minor ailments, or some of the serious illness, acupuncture and Chinese medicine have learned the hardest thing, to touch people’s meridians clear! .

At this time, the patient came, the old man tried to diagnose the troubles of Italy West Road, West Road, touched his hand, and then his mouth and said: “Do not you feel a bit stuffy feeling on top of the navel, eat, nothing seemed unintentional look weak. ”

The middle-aged man I did not expect to be given away, gone looking for the elderly: “Congratulations ah, Lin youthful brother, old and also received a good apprentice, ah, successors, ah.”

Obviously it was lit phenomenon, I caught several pairs Quhuo medicine to you, soon enough, the old man looked at him, I feel very good, polite, smile and nodded! .

Water old walked up and said: “You’re right when my assistant, after Hello, studious, and I believe that with your talent, quickly learn my medicine, the wage is 2000, tomorrow starts work it!.

Night, the phone rang, phone the other end, a little plaintive voice said: “My husband and I had got home, I miss you, oh, you did not want me ah,.”

“Of course my baby, and one minute 60 seconds, every second I was thinking, oh, oh to be good at home, so I have time to see you, hey.”

Talk to each other’s mutual love, hung up, West Road, stumbled and fell asleep.

Early in the morning, West Road, came to the pharmacy walked in, have seen water up old has been busy to deal with drugs, thick herbal taste, very good smell, walked over, politely asked: “early, ah, masters ”

“You also early ah, young people, up early, oh, work time has not come yet.”

Today, the New Year is coming, so what people come to see a doctor, desolate, and just leisure, to water the old table, picked up a few of the acupuncture and feel the pulse of the medical books and began to read, but also touches to a few people, are cold minor ailments such as stomach pain and a person, a doctor who listened to the explanation MORALS, water old and nodded his head, the patient can attract the attention of the topic, I thought he inexperience will not catch anything, I did not expect, like a veteran, as he seems to underestimate the way! .

Back home, he saw by the human figure, a little caprice her, hey, how about to see his wife, pulled out his cellphone, looking at her bedroom sent to the set, I think not of the spiritual power all of a sudden disappeared.

Appear in a villa in Shanghai Senior

Here is the language Hope’s room, although today is the 9.28 but the language Xin fallen asleep, the house was dark, but the road west under superhuman eyesight, or as day-like. Hope came softly language bedside, did not wake her, she just held out his hand stroking her hair. Duzhuoxiaozui, brow Wei Zhou, did not know what she dreamed? But she looks so cute frown ah! West could not help but see Lu kissed down.

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