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Beautiful teacher

More and more people on the bus, like a surge, waves of impact on every person standing on the bus, however, accounted for just beautiful cheap road west, my heart feels sorry, so the force of arms to softened a space where people can not crammed around beauty, this has been a trace of the scope of activities.

West seems to be a good feel of the road, did not like the beginning of beauty as the anti-wolf-like anti-West Road, just a very regular open the phone at the time, but these actions and make way for the West to see a lot of spring.

Uh, yes purple ……

Rush hour, the car only rather rarely under, leaving one site when a person abruptly inserted into the road west to beautiful distraction that a trace of space, which give way to the West was very unhappy, you squeeze to squeeze, why to me this crowded, do not mix?

However, what happens next second, to give way West is angry, this guy as unhindered, even flexing his finger magic, secretly want from the beauty of the handbag clip things, but it seems that technology is not very Well, half did not come up with it herself, but that the thief was not discouraged, simply put the palm of your hand toward attractive girl plump buttocks and stroked up above.

My day, bus pervert? Road West, eyes glowing, this guy! Xiao Ye I did not dare touch, one up on your kid so rude?

Because the road west to help girls softened hint of space, so that girls from both sides of the crowd crush, girls have less LO West preparedness, but this time was touched ass, girls could not help but turn around and want to To glared down West Road, to make way West quit, but this turned around, but saw a wretched girl’s face ……

This next girl was scared, although the West seems to have come before the road over her, but at least it does not look sick, but this guy …… God ……

Girls want to call in when touched her ass wretched man grinned even more disgusting exception: “Hey, chick, if I were you, I would obediently silent, anyway, my uncle would cool off after put you if you called, my hands look naughty, your skirt opened a big mouth, and that the whole car man may blessed slightly. ”

His words just finished, the girl’s eyes flew on the red, can not wronged you? Even know they encountered Bus satyr, but can not make any response, which is how people can not stand the things ……

See girls clothes soft, this wretched man more proud, and slowly lifted the girl’s skirt and saw girls white Sang Sang’s legs slowly now has his own eyes, wretched man mouth water flow down, so best of girl , but their first encounter on a bus and get off na …… hope is not too early.

Xiufen abnormality in girls when it feels this wretched man’s hand left his body, and abnormal expression of pain, this girl some in a daze, have forgotten what to do, just Leng Leng Road west one hand tightly pinch the wretched man’s neck.

Original, West Road, saw this scene, though earlier he almost became a second bus pervert, but that was unintentional, he did not want such a beautiful MM, so that such a wretched guy to defile, of course, even if this wretched man is guy does not work, I have not shot, all you clown, the Why Why go.

Consequently, West Road, just gently grasping, like ny escort game general to put this guy up, this kid immediately fall from heaven to hell ……

Road West, grins: “I say handsome, Zuorenyaohoudao, to be honest, I’d crush you, but murder to life for a life, so even if the. Road West emit a little dark atmosphere, that wretched man knelt down at once , West Road, looked after the station table already going to be late, he ran toward the school, followed by a beautiful woman inside him, and he did not care

Road West, did not go directly to the school after school, but to the principal’s office, is planning to knock on the door, I heard the President’s Office Road West, there are some wretched voice, baby to you, you told me that it have a better life, Another voice said, you do not like ~ ~ principals to listen to her tone that did not call a halt mean, really Y woman with J male.

Road West, knock loudly, the sound of which came to a halt, and then there is a more than 20 medium looks female teachers ran out and saw the face of West Road, blushed and ran away.

Road West, came after the discovery president was unhappy looking at this myself, did not care, they do down on the couch and then said: do not know me? I am a West Road, the principal began to think that just a nice little white face sheets only, you can hear the way he said he was just drinking a saliva West are all sprayed.

Road West, I’ve seen, you kidding, West Road, said: Do not worry about what I look like is true, the conclusion I have is the way the West, can you help me get the right? Having come up with bank cards and said: There are 6,000,000.

Principals hear 6,000,000, suddenly becomes a attitude and said: Do not worry I definitely seal the deal, I’ll take your class so will help you explain.

Go to classes on the road, West Road, the other classes, when almost anyone who is the woman to stay another nosebleed, and leave saliva, anyone good point, clever face red.

Road West, one into the class, the class immediately quiet down, is almost silent, quiet, absolutely quiet ~ ~ gasps are not, in West Road, to the podium and said: Hello everyone I’m new here, I called West Road, the former Something has happened a few days so I did not come.

First one eye looks very tactful man stood up, his eyes estimated thickness is estimated to bulletproof, eyes M asked: you are inside a former North High School’s Road West? Road West, said: Yes, it is me.

Wow ~ class suddenly chaos up, some say kidding, North High School’s Road West, generally it is not very long, and some woman was talking about, wow! His skin, take yo, this time the president came in, the class was quiet.

Principal Road: Road West classmates sick a few days before so did not come into the hospital reported the following way boys and girls are staring at the face of the West, most of the boys think so, you can become sick handsome, then we all go got sick, most girls think, wow – he really West Road, North High School had heard a long way to the West is not really what kind, never thought handsome.

After an intense discussion, the principal shouted: Road West students return to you first, your new English teacher here soon, West Road, came into his own place.

“Well, the class, the students fugue please hurry awake Kazakhstan.” A good listen to the female voice, causing the whole class burst of laughter, West Road, the place looked toward the sound source, the boys are basically saw the whole class shining eyes, fascinated and watched the podium.

The woman on the podium wearing a white dress, a dress could not conceal woman’s body, chest to draw the two graceful arc, high bulging. Because the skirt bondage so extraordinarily slender waist, buttocks skirt wrapped, it still set aside a graceful curve, slightly upturned, extremely charming!

“Wow, this is the teacher? I quickly nosebleeds, my God, after her class I certainly will not escape.” Road West, next to a boy muttered.

“The teacher is simply to God gave me, I think with my handsome face, she must be given up my collapsed ……” road west that make him hear abnormal hearing such a sentence, West Road, Qiao Xiang sound originated , I rely on, a face acne, potholes everywhere, boys comparable to the lunar surface, is looking at the podium eyeful of hearts.

“Hello everybody, my name is Wang Xinyi, is your English teacher in the next year, a lot of attention yo.”

“Teacher, I called Zhou Long, remember me ah ……” led by one guy, basically all the people in that calling his name, hoping that pretty teacher remembers.

Wang Xinyi clutching his mouth smiled and said: “You really enthusiastic, well, not showy, and obediently to school now.”

Just like magic in general, all the boys went quiet, quietly listening to Wang Xinyi speak, girls quietly muttered: fairy ……

Road West, where it froze, he is not because this girl looks stunned should have been for him to find this girl on the bus is scolded himself satyr ~ ~ There is a saying that really what I use to say … Yuanjialuzhai.

Wang Xinyi Road West also saw clearly towards the West side of the road came over and said: The students also a coincidence it met again in the morning you go too fast did not leave me a call, come to my office after class trip, Ban After hearing all the people in the way the West used to eat the eyes look at this West Road, West Road, but all were ignored.

Wang Xinyi high level of English, but also know how to create a learning atmosphere, essentially all of the people feel that this lesson too soon, because the girls are very attentive, and the boys to concentrate on looking beautiful is because, as the class bell The ringing, Wang Xinyi straightened textbooks, laughing: “That everyone would class it, the next class met yo.”

Everyone together howling: “See the next lesson.”

Wang Xinyi smiled and turned around and left the classroom, all the boys like wolf-like vision, immediately end with the English teacher that hook engaging, graceful matchless back, forced to swallow a mouthful of saliva.

It was already noon, West Road, came to Wang Xinyi’s office, Peking University are among the highest in the country upscale university offices are a human one, and

West Road, closed the door and said: I do not know Wang find what are you doing it? Wang Xinyi saw a road west, blushing, said: I just wanted to thank you for saving me the morning, West Road, said: Oh, nothing, just little things. Wang Xinyi myself, really fast wood. And then said: I do not know you have no empty at night, I would like to invite you to dinner thank you.

Road West, said: okay I’m beautiful Meet empty it will not do in the evening I will arrive on time, stay on the phone later, West Road, in a good mood to the cafeteria to eat, think of Wang Xinyi lordosis after Alice’s stature and angelic face, could not help but gulped.

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