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Farewell Virgin

Increased rather than decreased the street, very lively. Street cries flocked to the night market is actually really interesting ah.

Saw a group of hooligans revolves around a girl, a closer look, it is not language Hope it? How she would be here, hey, to a heroic rescue OK, maybe really favors, HOHO!

Hope looked tense language rogue, fear and said: “Why do you want, I’ll give you your money better.”

That went rogue leaders said: “Money, we will want, but you’re too nice, so we need fiscal colored double income, as long as you take this evening to accompany us, we will let you go.” Eyes full of ***! .

While language Xin said: “You do not come ah, I can give you a lot of money, let me okay” Tears were streaming down, but can not play any role, but let them cry drooling.

“Miss, how? Go with us, I’ll make sure you die happy, hehe ……” Look at his mouthful of Yin Xiao, and then look at the field of the scene, I saw three young punks look around a young girl laughing tone is people know they want to do.

See her more and more dangerous, West Road, rushed forward to help, shouted: “Stop!” Three punks are road west this sudden loud shout startled, obviously did not expect someone to manage it thing. They turned to see that road west one person, contempt authentic: “Boy, do not interfere, do not you know this is our site do?”

“Let her, I can guarantee let you die, if you move him again, then you will disappear from this world.” Road West, two staring at them, the relentless road! .

They feel cool immediately around, and there are a few timid, trembling up immediately, but some people simply said: “Brother doors, do not be afraid, he was a man, and so many of us, afraid of what ah.” Some of the hearing, immediately sober him.

Road West, looked at them coldly, cold-shouldered and said: “Garbage!.

Unexpectedly Road West, even opening curse, are not angry: “Boy, you are toast Monastic, crippled he can not blame us ……” The road to face the West without interrupted his words: “that so much nonsense Why! Do it. “Carter, the road west to punch Hong Xiang standing in front of that.

Each other in amazement, did not think the action so fast road west to not think that has been flying a few meters away, and this time also came language Xin Road west side, tightly seize the road west, touched her gentle hand and said: “Do not worry, there I am, nobody hurt you.”

See the road west laughed, dissatisfaction poles, rushed to shouted: “Damn, I P dead you.” And as he cut the road west of the head, language Xin also closed his eyes did not look at this scene, West Road, Leng Heng said: puny humans, alone, you also want to hurt me?

Road West, has caught his hand, forced tightly pressed, just listen to “click” sound, the means, and he does not climb in the ground segment emit screams.

Hope to see this scene language, and immediately hid Road West, arms, afraid to look at, this time next to the cheers of the audience sounded, all shouting “good” only a few, and they all looked at each, not of cold sweat on forehead, they discuss the next, together rushed to the masses for the road west to sweat, West Road without looked down on them, as if their movements, like caterpillars crawling, slow Poor, West Road, Xin Fu of the language stood up, gently said: “Give me five seconds.”

Road West, turned around, playing with such garbage, throw my face, if Lucifer been previously seen, then it must not disgrace throw home. Just listen to “click” few times, hands and feet have been Tiduan West Road, next life had to be a basket case, the road in front of the West take the words Hope, comfort, and said: “Well, all right, I send you back.” Worship masses look at me, shouted good.

Language Xin received a shock, the body also trance, watching being hugged, just about to revolt, to see is the way the West, the body a soft, leaning against the road west of the body, a little cry and said: “I am afraid, 55555555.”

Road West, light-weight on her back, rubbing said: “Never mind, it was all over.”

At this time, Lailiaoyibang people, out of a man, pointing to the road west and said: “You hurt my brother now.” Look at the road west of the arms of the frightened child is not a light, pleasant, lazy ignore them directly with Phantom accompanied by a group of people had come to their good behind tens of meters away, and they suffered a scare, this is what people Fortunately, he let us, if care down, kill us is easier than to kill an ant, do not mess arouses the future.

Delivered to her doorstep, West Road, said: “Well, take a rest, not even think about what has been all right, I should of” finished, turned to leave, but found that the hand was caught, this person is language Xin She looked a little pale now, looking at the way the West: “My parents are not, you can spend the night here tonight what, I a little scared.” I thought: “Halo, you is not asking for trouble, what, I could wish for!.

Road West, touched her hand, and said softly: “Well.”

“Well.” Should be uttered phrase Xin driven to distraction into the bathroom. An innocent girl, I saw could not help burst heartache, alas, seems to teach her some martial arts, let the garbage so scared, teach him what point? Looks like my women trained in only nine days after the teen idol.

Road West is trying to teach her what martial arts, language Xin suddenly being awakened screaming, suddenly jumped up and ran to bathroom door, opened the door, picked up the language Hope! .

“How? What’s the matter?” Road west doubt road in NY Escort.

“Ah! Cockroaches ah!” Yu Xin’s finger with a wall corner, a little crying sound authentic. Just not awake by the stimulus.

What ah, Halo, only cockroaches only, do not be afraid hey, I have been stimulated not small ah! West Road, stroking her back comforted. Road West, feeling a little wrong, ah, naked, West Road, looking at the words Hope. This look does not ban the eyes Mitsumasa Road West, does not account for the so-called cheap son of a bitch, West Road, addition of glances.

Man’s reaction to the protests immediately, language Xin feel something against himself, thought a moment, then thought, immediately jumped down, turned red like tomato sauce, have to drop out. Suddenly see the road west eyed eyes, they immediately jump to the arms of West Road, West Road, tightly holding his mouth issued a shy voice: “You’re a bad guy, not allowed to see, turned his head away.”

Saying this, did not say when, like staring at a straight road west two parts, West Road, not so much, his brain is full of desires, think straight road west vent directly to kiss down. Tongue stretching her mouth, quickly wraps her little Xiangshe in her mouth constantly flip the TV drama sweet sucking fluid. Hope is my language skills kiss kiss Jiaochuan again and again, and soon to indulge in the pleasure of, the body soft down in my arms, I lifted her to room.

“Ah, what are you doing ah, I want to bathe it, let me go ah.” Hope is not in the language section of the road west of the arms struggle, a hint of sobriety.

“Do not wash, my good baby, you could say we like doing it, I love you, hey.”

“Ah, do not, ah, let me go, want to fight off the road west of arms,” ​​and was immediately kissed West Road.

Road West, while walking my heart shouting: I Lucifer finally bid farewell to a virgin, quack quack ~ ~

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