First Time Encounters Common Screening Practices

But before we get into all of that, let’s ask the most obvious question on everyone’s mind. Why are escorts so adament about screening? Why do they have so many questions, and why should you share private information that is both sensitive and potentially damaging?

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NY Escort Service
NY Escort Service

The number one reason that an escort wants to investigate you is for her own personal safety. Rarely will she have any greater motivation than this, so do your best to not be too suspicious of her when she probes for more information.

Here are a few things you should probably expect when trying to book your first appointment with a New York escort:
•Be prepared to answer the basics like your name and phone number. These are bound to be among the first things she will ask for, so have them handy and be honest when answering. Never call an escort from a blocked number, as you will probably be ignored and there is slim to no chance at all that she will agree to meet you if she does pick up. Call from an unblocked number and give your name. In most cases, she will take this info and then call you back in a few moments. This is usually because she wants to check your phone number using a reverse phone directory, as this helps her verify your contact details.
•Use a free or paid online screening service. There are several online sites that screen clients for escorts, either for free or for a membership fee. For example,, charges a yearly fee of $129 for clients and typically uses your employment information to verify your identity. Similar to EscortPIN, you are required to pass their criteria in order for your membership to be approved.
•Provide her with references who will vouch for you. If this isn’t your first time booking an appointment with an escort, then that means you’ve seen other ladies in the business. This is good news, as it gives you a huge advantage over those who are totally new to the hobby and have no track record. Ask an established escort who you have seen (preferrably more than once) in the past if she would be willing to act as a reference for another escort you would like to see. Be sure to get her contact number so you have it handy when you reach out to a new escort, and mention that she may call to verify your identity and be sure that you’re safe and honest. This is often the best screening method out there, so don’t be afraid to ask or offer. Do your best to use escorts who are well known in their cities as your references, as other escorts will be more aware of them already and it will seem more genuine than using a reference who no one has heard of and who could be a fake.

Generally speaking, the more you can share with an escort that helps to back up what you are claiming, the better. If you have a strong online presence, ask her to simply Google your name and tell her that if the photos don’t match your face when you meet in person, she is free to simply leave with no questions asked.

All this is to give an escort something more valuable than a tip in any amount — that is, of course, peace of mind. She wants to stay safe and avoid danger, just like you or anyone else. As long as you are respectful and willing to prove that you are who you say you are, then you shouldn’t run into any problems.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]