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After the Passion, West Road, found his body seemed strong swirl of dark, the road west overjoyed.

Afraid to run away like a road west of tightly holding road west, lying asleep on the road west of the chest, and slowly woke up and hugged her gently asked: “Baby, your family does, and why You will yourself to live here. ” Appears to be the girl into young woman’s face at this time there is red tide, watching the road west heart itch.

And then said: “My father in K city to do business, which is why I live alone here once a week to my parents, my parents sometimes can not spare space to control me, they are very busy.” Then, and then feeling the road west of the chest.

“That’s our future that that is not nobody bother, ha ha.”

“Well, it is a large color waves, one day wanted to, um, ignore you.”

“My husband …… now I’m your man, whether you like it or not, I’ll set you up anyway Lai, pestering you, huh. Husband, I really love you … you … you will someday leave I do? “Yu Xin said, a little worried! .

Road West, stroked her back, gently said: “never, you will always be my love.”

Are not the words, slowly, holding her sleep, and tomorrow will be better ……

The next day, in the morning, looked o’clock on the table before 6:30, looked at their next beauty, has not in bed, do not know where to go.

Out of the bedroom, turned on the table do not know what busy, as if preparing breakfast bar, West Road, suddenly hugged her from behind, she did not resist, but against the way the West’s arms.

She thought but also class, immediately embrace the West from the road up, busy breakfast, I watched her walk inconvenient, sighted a glance, you know what happened.

Road West, quietly approached her: “Baby, what passion yesterday, hey, come once okay tonight, I hope we never have come.”

Face immediately red again, shame and said: “You are the bad guys, so crazy last night, really too strong, you big pervert, want, harm, I …… I … changed it looks like a walk.” People die of shame.

When Lu Xin West came hand in hand and language inside the classroom, the eyes of many as they cast, male jealousy, envy, murder, self-esteem, regret eyes, woman do I have to see such a beautiful girlfriend, wants committed suicide , hey, the road west almost to provoke a title. “dinosaur killer”

Language Xin feeling so many people staring at him feel uncomfortable, go west road quickly pulled the seat, sigh of relief! .

Hope’s face looked a little phrase red, West Road, hehe smiles: “how, baby! Shy ah.”

Mess Xin Bai Road West, a language, not reasonable to me, but looking at the book, while West Road, also lying on the table, with the Duke went to gamble to go! .

At this time, gossip Gian walked up and exclaimed: “Students doors, be quiet, I have good news to say, to ensure the door like so fellow men,

“Ahem,” the two, Gian continued, first recognized by the school: “We Miss Xin class blue language, everyone applauded.” Full-fat and applause all eyes staring at my wife to see, but remembered Road west eyes can kill, saw three seconds and turn it back, West Road, Xin quietly posted on the language of the ears, molested, said: “Baby, You are our first school beauty is also, it seems my Yan Fu did not light ah, if I do not try to “hurt” you, I would be a lot of people kill!. Road West, deliberately hurt read the word focus.

Immediately effective, pragmatic Xin’s face slowly, two red clouds rose up, mess Fenquan constantly banner Road west chest, then, directly by road west in his arms, while the language is also comfortable Xin of relying on, eyes closed, enjoying comfortable.

Gian has said: “The second is the beauty of freshman art department, called: Shangguan Menger, beautiful body, speech between Qiaoxiaoqianxi, eyes hope Xi, smiles, arouses infinite reveries. rare is endowed with double good, it is ranked second in a message to tell you that she can now not had a boyfriend, oh!.

The third is that the Department of Foreign Languages ​​sophomore Jihua, called: Ouyang, very sexy, but the man was too cold, and really very with her name, the same cold, is not easily accessible, I heard someone pursuing him, But not two days, I heard that another school of.

At this time, the arms of the gentle, pleasant child, said: “After listening to what met, forget the pursuit of people, Well, be careful what you have to change schools a Halo, Xiao Nizi also jealous ah.

“Halo, innocent, ah, I love you, ah, do not be jealous, huh.”

Gian continue sermon: “fourth sophomore industrial and commercial department of beauty is beauty called: Suqian, who is petite, gentle and lovely, natural beauty, and so is the school to pursue the object!. Fifth beauty is Art Department , called: Shang Fei, hot temper, called: peppers, but really good shape, I heard she was Shangguan Menger’s cousin, the two characters that much difference. ”

Okay, class, we are talking about here, and we would like to know if, after school, go to the door himself.

Finally the class, the teacher was amazing hypnotic ***, West Road with Duke gambling, winning a lot of money, hey, suddenly grabbed language Xin, said softly: “Baby, after school went to your house, you cook for me eat it. ”

“Ah, let’s go.”

Took first place in the school acknowledged beauty go mess with the school’s students are staring at us, pointing, but at this time, there are several people standing in front of us, stopped us road, watching the language Xin, eyes full the desire of the eyes, saliva must flow out, people feel very sick, arrogant and said: “Boy, let go of her hand, her hand is grasping you do.”

Funny West Road, said: “son of a bitch who called it, I did not hear, say once in trouble.” He slowly said: “How about you son of a bitch called.” But outburst, mess around the students laughed, he also immediately know the way the West is playing him, angrily said to the man behind him, hit him! .

Road West, and they do not bother to waste time, you breath exudes point, they were dark road west of breath pressure splash knelt down, few people seem to have been broken kneecap. Then and language Hope swaggered out, all of a sudden I felt an intense gaze Gu staring at me, I look back on that vision disappeared, I do not bother to think about the entire planet looks like no one can threaten me to NY Escort.

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