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I just like you do with the tube

In the evening, West Road and Wang Xinyi students and teachers in the public eye under cannibalistic walked to school.

Went to the school gate found Ferrari parked in which, West Road, did not care to be Wang Xinyi look a little unhappy, down from a Ferrari with Phnom Penh eye looks noble guy,

Road West, he suddenly saw a large summer sweat ~ This guy wearing a white suit and a white bow tie, wearing a white leather shoes, I really do not know that he is also innate polio is acquired after brain damage.

This guy took a big bouquet of roses coming towards Wang Xinyi, said: Anna put together in the evening dinner.

The road west is completely ignoring the ~ Wang Xinyi Road: Long one where I told you seem unfamiliar to, Wang Xinyi Road West, pulling the hand white face flush tide students, crimson cheeks, her lips slightly parted, whisper aroma, so they took the road west to a stop in front, like a bird according to people in general, Qingtu said: “This is my boyfriend – Road West.”

Boyfriend? Wang Xinyi boyfriend? Rely on, so outrageous thing, this baby girl also said that export? Everyone to know it, she fell nothing, but give Wang Xinyi own those zealots fan cut to pieces of ……

Lu Wang Xinyi throw off the West want untracked hand, but she caught very tight, although abnormal soft little hands, some people freak, but compared to the troubles immediately, this is simply not really a reward, too little, at least let their light was almost a full touch ……

Road West, abstract chaos YY.

A man dressed in a white suit that is clearly a faction impulse to hear Wang Xinyi again after the introduction of a step forward, completely ignoring the soles of the feet will be trampled to death many bring their own roses, gloomy asked: “Did not you just call her Wang do? how is her boyfriend? ”

If this man said well, or shake hands Dear cigarette or something, maybe even told him slowly Road West, talk about life, talk about ideals, but now he looks like a punitive expedition, not help the way for Western bones Rises One unhappy.

I now even the U.S. President is not looked down on, you fucking What kind of stuff?

Since the decision to give this guy a lesson, West Road, also rude, from the nostrils groaned, his eyes wandering over the ceiling, a ruffian look and said: “I like playing uniform temptation, we play every day teachers and students have to say The story, you tube with you? ”

This look is simply poked the white suit directly Ni Lin, who pursue Wang Xinyi has been for many years, although he does not exclude the power to take advantage of Wang Xinyi Dad to a higher level of mind, and Wang Xinyi itself is also extremely beautiful, This years addition to their own, only dare to disturb the guy sitting on sofa kick Bale, but both are half a dozen, Wang Xinyi who also never gave good face to see.

But this time, who knows this guy jumped out of crevices in rocks from which, ah, dare to talk about openly in front of their own uniforms temptation? And the object is Wang Xinyi, is simply hanging in front Yanwang Ye, impatient to live right. Even more angry is that Wang Xinyi, even the appearance of a small woman nestled in his arms! !

White suit with a gloomy face, carefully looked at the next road west, anger against laughs: “I think it is what people have so much guts, turned out to be a long good-looking point of the small white face, with my little dragon rush woman, you want to live, right? ”

Road West before they ask Wang Xinyi on the channel: “Long a fan, you should not bully my boyfriend, or I give my dad said.”

This way, the so-called little dragon will not say anything, just looked at his face ghastly road west, kept sneer or two, presumably to give way to increase pressure on the West,

West Road, flaming heart also, but for here is a Wang Xinyi, this guy kicked his foot long shark Atlantic accompany chat, but also big enough to show off in front of his own.

Distribute one o’clock his perverted dark atmosphere, where the dragon is an ordinary person that can stand it, kneeling on the road directly in front of the West, West Road, smiled and said: Oh, you are so polite little dragon why get up Yeah, Ryuichi where imposing pressure by road west to breathe, but here, it is also come up.

Road West, put the whole momentum of this metamorphosis out to be a large Luo Jin Sin Xue Wu, the road west smiles: little dragon, you have to like kneeling on the knees, we go ahead slightly, finished pulling Wang Xinyi swaggered out, where the ferocious dragon staring back road west.

Wang Xinyi appearance plays an innocent girl, until a taxi, only hastened sit up, wiped his hands and said: “I was just wanted him to give up hope, you can not think I’m interesting to you ah. ”

West Road, speechless, this chick is so quickly burning bridges? Western Restaurant Road West came home to find a remote location to do down, point a bottle of wine, a small Caesar salad and grilled steak, while Wang Xinyi is the point of the selection of Angus steaks and fried salmon.

Wang Xinyi asked: You seem very easy to accept the President’s invitation, after all, you grow so handsome ~

Ahem … Road West coughed. Said: You seem to overestimate me, return to my life, so that only a handful of scenes.


Wang Xinyi could not help but smile. Enchanting, left hand clutching his lips.

Then sigh a sigh, said: strange to say, to speak with you I always feel very relaxed, and I feel very good, may be no pressure, do not bother to put anything dike.

Last sentence intolerable, you can not because I can help you once and think what I am good man, defenses can not do without, the old saying has always been spread so far, already proven its noble words, West Road, look at this window, faint.

Wang Xinyi surprised a moment, facial features rolled, said: So you’re reminding me more dikes you?

This I can not control you, with your social experience, and on this issue I really can not give you too many suggestions, after all, no one will be straightforward to say to others, you have to dikes me, I was the bad guys! Way back to the West, the suspect looked Wang Xinyi one, shot from the side of her white jade.

After a while Wang Xinyi Road West Point by point with the first dish up, chilled red wine is also put to the waiter first call Road West, checked the wine. West Road, looked after little doubt schematically opened from NY escort agency.

Waiter opened the wine stopper, first pour a little red wine in goblet on, motioning to give way to see the West tasting, wine taste right, with or without deterioration.

West Road, tasted a mouthful, laughed: OK, you can not bother you, I come Daoba.

He took the bottle to pour a cup of Wang Xinyi approximately one-third of the wine. And then gave himself down on the wine back into the wine rack, put his right hand goblet gently turn clockwise earn, smiling to: come, hitting a glass.

Wang Xinyi chuckle It also porting the glass. And gently touched Road West, under glass, she gently took a sip, wiping white face slightly red, really –

Do not drink wine, people get drunk!

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