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Long group come

West Road, turned around and saw that the face with a pear Lehman’s face, the hearts of a move, but the way the West know that he has not loved her, he had loved him once, but she betrayed themselves, there will be no Section 2 times.

Lehman did not dare and West Road on the TV, he was afraid to see the road that desolate western eyes, quivering, said: not seen for so long, you can not do much with me for a while.

Road West, see her mouth mist eyes, a soft heart and said: Well, that Lehman then escorted upstairs ……

Into her apartment, everything seems to have not changed, still the same as before decoration simple, elegant, two people sitting on the sofa, both long time in silence.

After a few minutes, Lehman spoke first and said: You really big changes, there is another one who recently had okay.

Road West, light, said: I … I had a very good, How about you put off pretty good, Luxi Te intended to put a good word heavy tone. He Leng Leng look at this road west, tears do not consider themselves fell down, and said: West Road, I’m sorry, I know you broke up I was wrong, and if I would like once again to get your love, you will forgive me do?

Oh, if he says intercourse with another man is forced, West Road, perhaps one took her into his arms, but he actually acknowledged the fact that he betrayed me, for the betrayal of their own people, the road is not the West there will be a trace of emotion.

Road West, slowly stood up, light, said: actually you already have another boyfriend, and I say this now, do you think it still make sense? Lehman said: the man and I just play and find a better than me put my dumped, at this point, her tears have stayed.

Oh, West Road, self-deprecating smile, and said: I have given you my love, but you have mercilessly abandoned it, this love will not have the first two times.

Having road west toward the door, the road behind the West could feel his sad crying, West Road, will not be back, and never could, went corridor mouth, West Road, he told himself: woman ah, regret to the pain put, this is the day you hurt me, and I died for you once, will not have the first two times.

Then the wings startled, disappeared in the night sky, West Road, confused state of mind now, we easily found a building, sitting on the edge of the building, his hands wrapped around his knees, with 12 wings wrap this body, so chilly wind makes calm down.

May terminate this is someone you want to destroy the calm, a few stepping feijian of comprehension on the road and stopped in front of the West, see Road west wings at first surprised, then stand up a 80-year-old looks Fairy Wind Road bones of the elderly, said: evildoer in broad daylight, you actually release your such a bold dark atmosphere.

Seven individuals, and they are all Chinese people, they wore civilian clothes a few very casual, in addition to a long somewhat strong, the rest are very frail man, wearing a white-skinned boy eyes, almost as if had just graduated from high school.

“Who are you ……” Lu asked West

“Should we ask you …… Who are you?” One middle-aged man walked out.

“I? I need to tell you you ……”

“But ……” The man looked around a bit: “Why do you make trouble in China, and …… your ability to prove that you’re not a ordinary person ……”

“No, how?” Road west sneer.

“Well, I’ll take you to clear out ……” Then the eyes of coldness flash, the ground suddenly floating up a small stone, and then hit the road like a bullet generally west.

“Humph!” No reasonable rationale Road West, stone and the stone hit his body after completely broken apart into a pile of powder.

“Captain, be careful, this monster is not simple ……” a woman said something softly out.

“Now I ask you …… What are you people?” Road West shrugged his shoulders.

The woman handed a Young, towering flames roared ring road west towards.

Hmmm, I play with magic? Court death!

Road West, easily lifted a hand ……

Anyway, West Road, which is boring, it does not kill them first, and they play for a while, the woman rushed Road West, like fireballs around, immediately disappeared, then a Young Road West, move out of his hands, and that a woman the fire, and more than the woman’s much larger, rushed to her, and all of a sudden she hit the ground.

Road West, this metamorphosis, not only the strength of metamorphosis, the ancient practice of the N power law, can absorb forces, but also generic skills of others, recruit a more powerful anti-hair back, said he was a metamorphosis that is no exaggeration.

Several other people to see, was shocked: this evildoer actually copied skills.

Mo Nianlejiju, West Road, gave up their strength, is planted in a circle around the fire red flame shield, with a strong element of fire attack as defense, although not before the fight against the power of the dark enchantment, but more than one function, is under attack, it will automatically sputtering counterattack.

Maybe that several groups of people do not know the dragon the secret, but the road west to do so, no doubt finds this person’s attack even his shield is not broken, in order to quickly resolve the fighting, he chose with offensive flame shield.

Then he gently spoke the certain magic spell.

But Liangbing feijian with blue light stabbed over.

“Puff ……” twice after Cui Xiang, West Road, passed on three steps, feijian also knocked the rebound out.

Air that Qingyi Ren stature one click, hold a Feijian, a move Zhipi down, this sword at the moment, one of the ten, ten of the one hundred, one hundred of one thousand generally conjure up countless Jianying.

And that white people standing on the ground played a Palm Thunder bayan, not road west to escape.

Although there is no way for this attack to the West embarrassed, but once again interrupted his magic sing, West Road, heart very petulant.

Those Jianying and while hitting Road West Palm Thunder magic shield.

Then, the sky’s the fire fly relatively close to each of Qingyi Ren.

The man was stunned temporarily release the hands of feijian, while playing a yellow light, cover your own body.

Flames engulfed him about escort in NY.

“Brother!” White people Tonghu.

After a few seconds, the fire faded, Qingyi Ren although there is nothing on the body, but the body was burned black and several places, while West Road, then leisurely standing not far ……

Well, had enough, West Road, a mass of black hands cohesion energy, then shouted one: Destroyer torch, which is used kinship imperial level skills, LO West is just a subordinate skills, but for the more they is really a god skills. Several people died in the horror torch under suction West Road was also spotless.

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