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Love children

That beauty kinship because of injuries too heavy fell on the road west of arms, West Road, holding a cheap son of a bitch does not account for the mentality looked at her sexy Bottom, and his two human chest device. Look at this face this peerless beauty, one meter yellow dress, form stable, his face no trace of color, pale people pity, two watery eyes, black hair, people want to arms comfort.

Fenglin Road West, took him back home, then took him into the room, and then took out a bottle of blood from the ring yard essence, then melted into the fire Xue Wu ultimate integration into his soul from NY Escorts.

When she woke up, found himself has evolved into Earl joyful hearts.

Xuenu – kinship captive by humans, do not have any special abilities, is the lowest level of kinship there, they just blood family food, but in exchange, kinship will give them a lot of money and social status

Baron – has some special ability kinship which the lowest are kinship, but also the blood group of the basic, itself fear sunlight, holy water, it has a certain restraint, with endless life, but the specific abilities, has always been low-rider favorite capture object, but basically dependency on family kinship castle for advanced services in combat is to have a white pupil

Viscount – has some special ability, which is the basic combat kinship, number of people, fear of the sun, fast and extremely, there is a powerful body and speed them on the junior knight seems at ease, in a state of war pupil will orange

Marquis – with advanced forces of darkness, will use dark magic, physical tough, fast and hate the sun, which is the main blood group fighting in the battle will turn green when the pupil

Earl – with advanced dark magic and a huge dark forces, combat capable, in kinship which is decisive combat itself does not hate the sun, even when bored go sunbathing, the battle turns blue when the pupil , in the family which has certain rights

Duke – a strong kinship, fighting genius, general affairs manager of the family, the most powerful family patriarch Duke is the low level of kinship with absolute sway, family, powerful or not, to see the number on the Duke be able to look out, in the battle when the pupil will turn red

Prince – kinship ruler, absolute old fool, is generally advanced years 4000-5000 Prince should have time to practice, there have been no long existence, the battle turned purple when the pupil

Monarch – The Ultimate kinship exists, the absolute ruler

Comprehension level Advanced (repair magic of the same order)

Opening period – initial comprehension

Mysterious photo of – you can use low-level five spell

Refraining from eating grain – can not consume food to supplement their own, by absorbing the outside world can be a Reiki

Saver – the first glimpse of the door of comprehension

Yuan Ying – has endless life, a lot of five spells with ease

Distraction of – the battle of the master

Degree robbery of – the presence of top comprehension

Dacheng period – late monasticism soaring skyline

Holy Chamber Knight Advanced

Trainee knight – was about to enter the church as a garrison force

Bronze Horseman – the lowest level of knights, there Shining Force supporter

Silver Knight – basic combat power of the Holy See

Golden Knights – the main combat power of the Holy See

Paladin – Holy See’s absolute combat

Holy Angels —- Paladin summon guardian angels, fighting strong

Advanced holy priest Court

Monk – the lowest level of the Vatican priest

Fr – Low priest can cast faint light force to assist the main

Priest – Holy See main auxiliary division

Cardinal – Golden Knight’s running mate

Cardinals — various light magic, strong ability to independently Battle kinship Earl level attacks

Pope – I heard that people who are closest to Angel

Originally Marquis still early, she awoke to find myself an upgrade for a whole class, you can not be excited, and then seemed to remember something, suddenly knelt down and said: Meet our Lord Satan, Lucifer …

Get the road west meal shame, this woman just yet elated, how come he kneeled down, click on it, I weighs, I’m so great in their eyes do? But I was great enough, wow quack Karma, West Road, shameless thought.

That were beautiful kinship seems aware of what side of the face blushing may be Lu West and did not speak, he did not dare to stand up,

Road West, realized her reflection, Oh, is just the essence of blood to her refining the soul, when he undressed, you … you stand up to, not always on the knees, first put on the clothes, she do not put an estimated he was going into a beast.

After her blushing face put on this road west stood in front of the West gave way to see appetizing, gulped and asked: Why did you come to the East kinship, but also to teach court kill.

He quietly said: My name is Ai child is kinship 13 member of the family long ago, our family suddenly sensed, the East has dark artifact breath, originally the East is our kinship forbidden, but this is after all the dark artifact Yeah, this However, using the best artifact fallen angels, how can I not excited about it, so did not dare go to war, he sent me and my brother to see previously.

But people seem to teach court felt this atmosphere, also sent people to me and my brother for a long time, but that never happened breath, just tonight, I’m going to come out and look for my brother, I did not expect the Court to teach people met the two of us can not beat them, my brother has not killed them … Speaking of which, when she could no longer bear it, crying out, West Road, to see his appearance the hearts of a pain, took him in his arms, comforting it.

After a long pause, she seems to cry tired lying on the road west arms asleep, saw his appearance, West Road, with a sigh, should have been a long time did not sleep too soundly put, West Road, remembered her words , could not help but have a sense of guilt, they feel dark artifact should be their practice to Keiji body when used, never thought would happen, West Road, shook his head, holding her, spooned.

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