Why Men Hire Escorts and Adult Providers

These are just some of the most common I’ve encountered, but don’t make the mistake of believing that they are the only ones that inspire men to hire an adult provider.

Many curious people outside the escorting business have asked the question of why do women decide to work as NY escorts? However, equally as fascinating are the reasons why men hire them. While it’s easy to settle for the stereotypes that ignorant people go around claiming as the truth, the reality is that there is no concrete answer for what motivates either of these groups of people. I’ve put together a list of the most common reasons I have encountered and some of them may surprise you.

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Escorts and Adult Providers
Escorts and Adult Providers

  1. Men get tired of the dating games women play. This one is huge. Many guys feel that women are unfair and they are sick of paying for expensive dates only to be turned down later for no obvious reasons. I can’t blame them for this, honestly. I can see how it would be incredibly frustrating. If only people communicated better and women were more upfront about their intentions and desires. However, since they oftentimes are not this open about things, many guys find it cheaper in the long run to simply pay for a date with an escort since they know what to expect going in to things. I remember years ago I had a client who was in his mid to late twenties, which is considerably younger than most of my clients. He explained to me that he saw escorts because he felt it was more honest than hitting the bars like his friends did, using sleazy pick up lines and tricking women into thinking they wanted more than just a night of fun in order to close the deal. I have to agree with him. I came across this interesting account from one hobbyist, which basically boils down to the same argument. However, I would hesitate to agree with his approval of Tupak’s “MOB” (money over bitches) attitude towards life and love. He clearly undervalues a few areas of life which I believe he will come to realize the importance of later in life. He was only twenty-five at the time of writing that, so lets hope that with maturity he realizes women are more important than money. In fact, all humans are.
  2. Some men travel constantly for business. The recent scandal involving the secret service is a prime example of how business travel can make men more likely to hire escorts while away from home, regardless of marital status or other factors. Thinking about it, you can’t deny that it makes sense. Long distance relationships seem to have grim success rates, and I suspect it would also make hiring an escort more likely. When you are away from home all the time, visiting other cities and staying in hotels while working during the day, you naturally want to unwind and probably don’t have time to mingle in a new area and meet strangers to build relationships, even less serioius ones.
  3. Some married men who see escorts are missing intimacy in their relationship. This one is pretty common, in my experience. My married clients tend to be older gentlemen, usually somewhere between 50 and 65 and most of whom have been married for 20+ years. While most of them have children who are grown up and enjoy many activities with their partners, physical intimacy is no longer among those and they seek it elsewhere. That’s where escorts and private companions come in to the equation, offering a drama-free experience that is easy to keep separate from their home life.
  4. Men are less concerned with making special requests with escorts. I have had my fair share of clients who have girlfriends, yet still call me to spend time with them when they can get away for a night here and there. What makes hiring an escort an attractive option for these guys? Oftentimes it’s an element of adventure that is altogether misisng from the relationships they have with their girlfriends. I’ve had many clients over the years make comments about how they wish their girlfriends were as “fun” or “open to trying new things” as I was, so that leads me to believe that this is a pretty important motivator when it comes to seeing escorts on the side. Also in this same vein, many guys seem hesitatant to even suggest certain activities with their girlfriends based on the negative reactions they have gotten in the past, pushing them even closer to finding someone willing outside of their relationships.

Of course, there are dozens of different reasons men may hire an escort or other adult entertainer and even I don’t know what they all are. These are just some of the most common I’ve encountered, but don’t make the mistake of believing that they are the only ones that inspire men to hire an adult provider. Their reasons are as varied as the reasons why escorts get into the business.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]