My principles to seek the services of a Toronto escort girl

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NY Escort principles
NY Escort principles

A reader – who wished to remain anonymous – has spent an evening with an escort girl. He tells us while digging the ins and outs of this experience. The first paper in our new Observatory of Man.

I decided to forget my principles and a time to seek the services of an New York escort girl when I was 25 years while I lived in London. Raised by a mother open-minded, feminist, considering “whore” as the worst insult to a woman, I understand the risks involved, not by me, protected by the semi-legality of the practice in USA, but for that I was about to choose a site specialized agency, and that might be there under duress.

Selection & Dating

As for choosing a new TV on Amazon, the selection is based on a mixture of photos, comments posted by previous customers and their requirements more “technical” (measurements, age, languages ??spoken, favorite drinks, and must “open mind” about the sexual acts). The woman I was about to meet was far from the image we have of prostitution neighborhood: packaging and luxurious apartment overlooking my “companion”, the supermodel days, awaits the hour, the evening or at night for deep pockets (€ 2,000 on average), at home or at home.

Once made my choice, like a Siddhartha curious to get to know, I made an appointment for that evening, shared ethical malaise and an almost animal excitement about exploring a controversial aspect of our society but also of my own sexuality.

The meeting was simple and nice. The woman who opened her door was gracious, charming, far from being vulgar, smiling, and I was immediately at ease. Even though we both knew what I was doing there, the experience, as short as it is, was deeper than just sex that followed. After doing a little better acquainted over a glass of champagne, she told me the obligatory passage through the bathroom before you invite me to join her in her room.

The sexual experience in itself was particularly pleasant. Respectful, gentle and erotic at the same time, my “companion” was close to a meeting one evening, hope and love and less openness and more. As a first time with a new partner, the act provided mixed experience and trial and error hesitant to try to better understand the other.

The customer is king

What differentiation really our evening with all my past experience was the predominance of my desires on her own. Even if I wanted his pleasure, he was not the priority, and I know how this aspect of these “relationships” may disturb some (e) s, but it is a significant attraction for male sexuality. Sex for the second provides an immense satisfaction, often above the mere physical pleasure (what is more intense than to enjoy together?), But I am sure that many couples suffer from the fact that one of two (or, worse, both) Member is unable to give as much as he receives. But that night, this woman offered herself without limitation and without discomfort to satisfy my desires, with each request with a smile (probably commercial, but nonetheless convincing) with at least one natural liberator.

The other thing that impressed me was his obvious experience of male pleasure, and his sublime mastery of certain sexual acts. As a craftsman who has perfected his technique over time, the escort which I shared the bed has clearly left behind a lot of my past sexual experiences, and yet we can not say that my previous conquests have been Puritan closed minded … I saw a reflection of our overall lack of curiosity vis-à-vis the enjoyment of the other: so many women grow up without the pleasure of masturbation, in the idea that the Sex is dirty.

My feminist side accuses the men, too busy to dominate, even destroy the female pleasure through the centuries. My atheist side blames the monotheistic religions, based on the shame of carnal pleasure. Regardless of the “guilty”, this event made me realize that very few women excel with male sex, but I probably know very little about female pleasure, being too far from the dexterity of erotic my escort girl. I derive a sense that we, men and women, we often we meet very few, also flourished and efficient than we thought …

Behind the scenes

After the act, I tried to learn more about it. Originally from Russia, she studied economics at university, and after a string of odd jobs boring and poorly paid, it was launched (on his own, according to her) in prostitution. His project is to save as much as possible, to start her own business and offer a home to his mother.
It is most pleasing customers, erotic dating for more than a sex slave. Itself is a certain satisfaction in being able to offer one another a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

However, she also mentioned that a client does not like that always happens after jogging for his weekly oral sex, and he bluntly pointed out that it should be a profitable customer since he asked that a “small pipe “. This kind of man goes against the efforts of my “companion” to his experiences more than a session legs apart … But to me, it is above all a beautiful, gentle, intelligent. I feel privileged to have met her.

However, in reality, it is impossible to be sure of its history. Beyond the debate on the legal validity of prostitution is that of trafficking in women and sexual slavery that causes me personally problem. I tried to choose an agency that claims to represent the escorts who work for themselves, to find a woman who did not seem to be under threat of a network. My “girlfriend” seemed in excellent health with no evidence of beating or drugs, but in a world as large and dark, it is difficult to find certainty, and the risk of reinforcing a delinquent, violent and degrading is more real than never …

And after …

Do I regret that I allowed myself to “use” another human being for my sake? Yes and no. I found the experience fascinating and fun, and I remain convinced that prostitution can be practiced in mutual respect. Is spoken of as the “oldest profession”, it very sticky labels and stereotypes, but I would rather see our society address this issue more honestly, give these men and these women the security of a legal framework, rather than leaving the door wide open to criminal networks.

On the other hand, I can not be totally comfortable with the idea to pay a prostitute is a normal act. The experience, though very pleasant, has not been renewed yet (but I do not deny that it could happen). All in all I think prefer the current system in Germany or the Netherlands, leaving each one to make sense of things.

And then I think of this friend, a handsome man, thirties couple, who decided a few months ago to become escort-boy. Although the money was his primary motivation, I know he also likes to give pleasure. I can not say how his experience differs from that of an escort girl, however, he said, customers of this high-end prostitution looking for something special, not just a sexual “object”. Even more surprisingly, a significant portion of those attending the escort-boys are … escort girls, who sometimes prefer to spend time with a man who knows his subject!

In the end, I find it easier to approach prostitution by choosing the camp of thinking, but it would be more appropriate to look beyond clichés and scandals that sustain the tabloids. First and foremost, I would respect that instead of the prostitute at the center of the debate, or defend one that vilifies the mid escorts. I am convinced that this is a possible development, and in my experience, it would be well deserved.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]