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New seven capital sins

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New seven capital sins

After one hour, the road and the West was still tired magic metal swallowed, may have been a little West Road, to die, to be tired of this metal is still that crazy magic swallowed it, West Road, feel far from dead,

His mind flashed a voice, and I can not die, I was Lucifer, fallen angel I am the first, I did not let people hurt me to pay the price, I can not die, I must live.

Road West, want to live the faith more intense, he opened his eyes, and now his eyes had changed back to a blood red, her hair changed back to the bright red hair, behind 12 jet wings has also been launched, the body Dark energy is wrapped, black air straight Jiuxiao.

Road west beliefs increasingly stronger, the body of a black hole because of his belief that, several times larger, finally tired of the magic metal absorbed, absorbing the magic metal disgust after Lucifer the right chest one more sign of the cross black , looks handsome, this should be tired of the magic metal forming.

Road West, feeling a bit own strength, his body rotating black hole metamorphosis that this energy is actually several times larger, Lucifer previously studied the N metamorphosis ancient power law, the reason is not possessed by the devil, because this energy black hole It can fully absorb all the energy into it, who would not have made into the collision energy, so even in practice Angels of Light are still absorbed, should now be tired of magic metal, black hole swallowed his powerful force several times, that his strength would become even more perverted yet.

This is called a blessing in disguise put, West Road, magic metal fusion tired after summon magic flame tired, after a day of refining and cohesion, and finally the new artifact in good shape.

Road west dark energy seriously overdrawn, but he went to see his new artifact, see the artifact after, West Road, which froze up, wow! Wow! Is actually a sickle, which scythes has a very long handle, the handle on a chain, so that the distance lengthened scythe attacks, sickle handle circled a crying ghost relief, attached to a giant skull, skull’s mouth, his long blade floating in the sky this, looks handsome level, the road west I thought, wow, himself so much, actually condensed in a handsome Death Scythe

Road West, found that in addition there is a super handsome than there are seven black scythe slim Heijian, seven Japanese katana sword with width length almost, looks very fine, but I intend to refining an artifact, now plus a total of eight which scythes, I just round the country could ever use it.

Who cares that the first drop of blood to identify the main road west with a knife in the hand cut a bit, eight drops of golden drops of blood in the eight weapons, drip finished road west of the small hole in the moment is gone, a trace no,

Eight arms after receiving the blood of West Road, suddenly jumped dark energy, black sickle flew Road West, seven sword hands and which is surrounded by high-speed rotation of the road west of the original which eight arms are so used to it , sickle is the main weapon, seven swords are swirling around themselves can be a barrier, but also can be a hidden weapon can also be used as a weapon, really lucky that way,

This scythes called him the source of the dark, this sword is just seven, just were arrogant, jealousy, rage, laziness, greed, gluttony and **, to continue to be called the seven capital sins.

Road West, holding the source of darkness, seven seven sins were turning around in the road west, with the strength of this road west off days exudes dark atmosphere, dark energy straight into nine Heaven, heaven gods and Emperor also ability to get by this trembling, the Jade Emperor asked: but this pure terror out of this ancient dark atmosphere is such a thing.

TREASURE STAR stand replied: Back to His Majesty, recently fallen 12 West then winged angel Lucifer Satan in our waking Orient, this momentum should be issued to him,

Emperor thought a moment and said: Messenger down, sky deities Do not mess with him, he is the strongest fallen angels, and his aim is to destroy the Western paradise, we do not stop him, if he succeeded, for We have no harm, as long as he does not addicted to day thing, we all open eyes closed eyes.

Western Paradise, Buddha was preaching, felt this breath, sighed and said: there is because there is fruit, the past will eventually come.

The most popular or Western Paradise, the angels Gabriel and 12 Priest ministers have felt this terror and familiar atmosphere,

First, Gabriel shouted: Michael This is really what’s going on, Lucifer’s soul not being your lights Hallows melting yet, how is this going on, and his breath actually become so horrible.

Michael shaking a bit and said: He really is my melting, but he was given to him before I seal the wings of the soul, and took him to the East,

Lucifer did not think people actually self-destruct instead of his spirit all that this new Lucifer’s dark atmosphere really it would be so frightening, the angels you look at me I look at you.

I remember that when done for Lucifer to his current strength up if you kill it, own it not ~ ~ think of all trembling a little, with the Houmijiale shouted: ordered the angels must be killed before coming back to kill rid of him.

Road West, think Lucifer was to say, feel like a little high-profile, and those angels should already know that they came back to, well, you know know, hum even know how they could get me in New York escort service.

Road West, since convergence momentum and wings, the seven capital sins and the darkness of the source into the ring yard, just because seven capital sins of the ancient force too powerful, Luxi Bu enchantment directly washed out, the whole apartment began to collapse a, West Road, a teleport quickly disappeared from the building.

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Walking down the street, and is now more than 15:00, West Road, refining seven capital sins do not know how long it took, walking on the road, West Road, found the way people are pointing to him,

Road West, although the dark atmosphere converge together, with the dark atmosphere of the eyes turned black, the bright red hair into a pitch-black bangs short hair, you can still … still looks like a genuine super beautiful boy.

There is a road west of clothes, he was wearing Western Grand High Priest wore gowns of God, in the co-ordination of his appearance, my God! He has seen a woman leaving a nosebleed ~

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