NY Asian Escort Like Lego Movie

Some girls from New York Asian Escorts like Lego Movie, she shared some movie clips to everyone.


Emmet: “Good morning, apartment. I’m ready to start the day. Jumping jacks, hit ’em! One! Two! Three! I am so pumped up!”

Emmet: Yes, over-priced coffee!”
Barista: “That’s $37.”
Emmet: “Wha-ha-awesome!”

Emmet: “Oh my gosh, I love this song!”

Emmet: “Where am I?”
Wyldstyle: “Come with me if you want to not die.”
Emmet: “What is happening?”
Wyldstyle: “You’re the Special and the prophecy states that you are the most important person in the universe. That’s you, right?”
Emmet: “Uhhh, yes, that’s me.”

Emmet is having another awesome day, as usual, in his completely normal life when everything changes. He has an accident at work and suddenly find himself as the most important person in the universe.

I Wasn’t Listening

Vitruvius: “My fellow Master Builders, including but not limited to, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Mermaid, Green Ninja, 1980-something Space Guy, Michelangelo, Michelangelo and the 2002 NBA All-Stars, we have learned that Lord Business plans to end the world as we know it. There is yet one hope. The Special has arisen.”
Emmet: “I think I got it but just in case, tell me the whole thing again. I wasn’t listening.”

Vitruvius explains what’s going on, as well as introduces all of the random Lego characters that have showed up. Emmet listens to the speech but needs to hear it just one more time for it to sink in.

A House Divided

Emmet: “I know what you’re thinking, ‘he is the least qualified person to lead us’ and you are right!”
Abraham Lincoln: “A house divided against itself would be better than this!”
Emmet: “Abraham Lincoln!”

Abraham Lincoln put up with a lot of resistance during everything he accomplished and never gave up but he has no patience for Emmet and his lack of experience. This is a big deal and Lincoln ain’t got time for any nonsense.

A House Divided

Emmet: “I may not have a lot of experience fighting or leading or coming up with plans. It’s going to be really hard.”
Metal Beard: “Really hard? Wiping ye bum with a hook for a hand is really hard.”
Emmet: “Okay…”

Emmet is looking for sympathy when he talks about the huge task ahead of him. Metal Beard on the other hand isn’t wanting to hear it.