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New York escorts of underage girls

Few prevention mechanisms have been seriously implemented by the authorities against the New York escorts of underage girls. However, the Congolese law n.06-018 of 20 July 2006 condemns these acts which constitute an act of rape by men who encounter these girls too young to give consent.In 2005, a specialized unit of police for the protection of children and women, PSPE, was installed in Goma to end the frequent abuse against children, including sexual violence. However, against child New York escorts, said the PSPE be in trouble for acting because of confusion between prostitutes major and minor girls.”We’re here to search for offenses in relation to the violation of children’s rights,” said Major David B?deli, commander of the unit. “It happens that we can not say that it is a child simply because you see it has the appearance. Once you interpellez such a person she tells you: I am an adult, it is my right. Your hands are tied because you can not prove the facts. “The inability of authorities to curb the problem gets angry residents of Goma. Moms especially criticize the silence of services policing at this practice.”At fourteen, even twelve thirteen years old, children entering licensed premises for New York escorts, the law enforcement officers see them and they keep silent,” said one woman.This inability of the police is recognized by the PSPE itself. But special service officers lack resources and do what is in their power to help young girls.”When we have evidence that the girl is a minor, the person who goes to the minor prostitute is prosecuted for child New York escorts and child victim, we do everything to get her,” said Major David.One of the biggest obstacles to the police are under-aged girls themselves. Desperate by poverty, they have no other way to survive into New York escorts, they think.Some of these girls have already given birth to children who remain dependent on them.”I came to seduce men, nobody can forbid me to use my sex, you can not drive us out of the boxes because I just get money for my child,” said a girl aged fifteen , met at midnight in a nightclub.”We can not chase us because no guide us to our survival or that of our children,” added another young lady, who had a child at age 13 without having sucked. These girls fleeing the misery of their families into New York escorts, however, have much to lose. Unwanted pregnancy, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, exposure to violence and criminal networks are all hazards to which they are unprepared.”We ask the assistance of state authorities to pay the fines on men who frequent these girls,” says Rose Marie Basilwango, president of the association of prostitutes, she said the only way to stop this despicable practice.

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