Outcall Massage New York City

There are so many escort and massage agencies and a lot of independent girls in New York City, but most of them doing a cheating business (use faked pictures, tell you wrong prices, send cheap, ugly old girls and so on). So one night we had the idea to do a service to bring the real honest independent girl together with the customers who search for that. We go out, talk with girls looking for customers, we call them, if we find advertisement somewhere, they also can apply here on the page. Then we try to arrange a date (not so easy, because this business is not 100% legal in New York ;-)), then we check if the picture is real or at least looks very near to the girls. It is nearly impossible to find ANY real picture for a massage girl here in New York, but at least we find some looks exactly like the girl. Then we also ask for feedback from our customers, so that we can kick out girls if they are not willing to do what customer expect or if they don`t want to do good service.
Asian Girl Bojkot
We have some requirement for our girls:

  • Every girl should love to meet interesting people and should love to spend hot time with a man. If not, then no chance to stay in our team.
  • Every girl has the right to reject a customer if he is not nice to her. She can leave whenever she wants, as long as the customer doesn’t have to pay.
  • Every girl has to fix a price for a GF service when she meets the customer. No up selling for additional service while the private time, no additional Taxi fee or cheatings like that.
  • Every girl has to do her best to give an unforgettable time to her customers. If customers will complain about her service, she will not get customers from our side anymore.

We now also start to cooperate with some other pages that will send us customers – as long as we keep our promise to spend great girlfriend experience to our customers. According to that, we don`t need to spend a lot for advertisement or agents and still can guarantee a low price for high-quality service. So now we have more and more girls and getting more and more customers. So why you do not contact us now? Select your private part time girlfriend and spend a great time with Asian massages in New York.

What we offer now is an unforgettable time with a cute and sexy Asian part time girlfriend. No cheating, no bad service., no ugly girls. You will meet your part time girlfriend where ever you want, you both will spend a great time together and you will exactly get what we promise and what we offer – that`s all.

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