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West Road straight believes to send kind of high-grade western restaurant meal only after speaking to enjoy but not everywhere is full of the kind of warm and romantic atmosphere.

Of course, if a person does not make much sense then came alone, have no meaning, if accompanied by everything around with a beautiful woman is not the same.

This beauty is neither the best nor the lover friends, mutual relationship is just a plain water, so the best.

A lover, come experience the romantic atmosphere when such has no hint of understanding the kind of emotion. ‘re Friends because of mutual understanding can not taste the delicate feel they are alone, only plain water only kind of relationship is fully liberalized. No need to consider more relaxation.

At this point the road like West and Wang Xinyi, neither lover nor friends, nor friends, it is because there is a specific event which side of the edge, but after a chance encounter at school, similar to the one up for dinner, at which romance is definitely under a rare relaxation.

At least at the moment Wang Xinyi very relaxed, flashy interest in this society, there are too many intrigues, inconstancy.

As she BJ City mafia boss’s daughter. Deal of money at the vortex of powerful interests, but also wary of those around all day for her beauty on her body covetous man, we can say fare well, tired.

She can not remember how long she had not experienced such a moment of relaxation and unsuspecting happiness. Through more contact and conversation, she found the front of this year, the boys have a light does not match with his old calm, occasionally revealed to humor is to let her laughing, she can not help but wonder, this burden boy’s past.

At this time, the front edge of the restaurant pianist piano finish just one bomb, Wang Xinyi half-jokingly said: “a gracious man who has stretched is not carried out at the same time for his dinner companion point a piano it? ”

Road West hesitated and really did not expect Wang Xinyi would say, he smiled, lightly said: “The tip should point a lot of it? But I forget any money in a hurry to go back”

He paused, his eyes glance, vaguely see Wang Xinyi’s eyes flashed a hint of disappointment, he then said: “Although I have no money to give you one, but if I personally give you a play, is not Like it? ”

“Ah? You, you say what?” Wang Xinyi heard after not help Chasheng exclaimed. The color of his face looked surprised Road West, incredible asked. “You, you play the piano?”

That way he would play the piano, either because there are memories of Lucifer before he even did not know the keys, what Lucifer will not live so long

Road West, said: I also can play the tracks simply nothing, if you do not mind if I can try to play it to you from NY NY escort. ”

“Really ah? Well, with what would mind it, wish for Na

“If not play well please a lot of generosity.” Road West smile stood up. Walked straight beside the pianist with his own piano to play a female companion gave him mention the requirement to mention.

The pianist heard laughing after readily agreed, the French restaurant, guests can point not only specific piano repertoire, and if the guests have personally played a Masaoki also possible.

Pianist up seat, West Road, said thank you and sat down to play a chair, hands and fingers flat on the piano keys, once that familiar feeling in my heart, that he was Qiexi Ya attack, and Lehman broke drip fragment also swept like a flood, the moment overwhelmed him.

Deep inside dusty remains of a piece of places have opened, thick Lesser meaning in my heart.

West Road, closed his eyes, in the hearts of those to suppress that kind of helpless grief are just playing with that clever fingers flowing out into a song in his play.

The first is that a touch of crisp, like a stream-like piano BUZZ think, slowly, piano keyed mildly, seems to be recounting a section of hearts that endless but sad memories, keyed mildly sometimes passionate Pieces sky merged into text. Recounting a section of the past, a story.

Slowly, the entire restaurant, or conversation or a meal or drinking guests were all quieted down, stopping to talk to a live conversation, put down the knife and fork dining, drinking down the glass, echoed throughout the restaurant is that this song could eventually lead to direct your heartstrings, directly evoke memories of your past faint sound of the piano.

It gently into the music softly playing unbearable past memories like those that faint sadness, that a trace of deep frustration, sadness which gamma crushed like a wanton flowing slowly flowing out, the flow into the presence of each guest’s mind, but also more or less brought back their faint slightly sad memories.

In addition to the huge restaurant like springs that are so quiet outside like music without the slightest sound, everyone sat quietly, lest they have any shred of move would break like a day at the moment this sieve-like music.

Some of the guests even closed his eyes. Let it spring-like with the slightest sorrow like the looming swept over his heart, and immerse themselves in the direct sound of the piano that touches your soul.

Also some guests eyes seemed red. It is as if this reveals a hint vaguely sad sad over the past brought back painful memories or so clear then overflowed.

West Road, revel in the sound of the piano, the inadvertently exudes some of his sad atmosphere.

Wang Xinyi has been completely spent shocked, slightly enchanted eyes do not know what is to them, beautifully feminine Qiaolian this mysterious seems to have solidified to live, seems to have become a statue-like.

Faint music flowing in her heart flows with unbridled, caught off guard in case she opened her heart faint sense of sadness and sorrow, that moment, she felt like his heart was something to stab a bit. One kind of painful feeling spread of the body, immersed in the music of sadness that she did not own, mind seemed to have something blocked like Mende Huang.

The song “piano music she heard. However, she could not imagine that someone will be able to play this piano piece was so superb, so the true feelings.

Since flowing piano, she seemed to see the road west askew deeply hidden in his calm exterior indifferent heavy as a mountain-like mind, Chords that revealed to an abundance of sadness and helplessness he clearly a true portrayal of yore.

She could not help wondering, what is this man ever experienced anything to be able to play by his own true feelings out of this evocative sound of the day sieve?

River of Sorrow, she slowly found his eyes wet, the kind of wrenching heartache is still a sense of unbridled flows between mind, in shady tears, she looked at West Road playing silhouette. The man never seems to see the well known side. ”

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