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Road West, this time in the classroom fugue it, no way, West Road, spent half a day at the library, by the memory of his metamorphosis, the library’s books all looked aside, extremely boring, sleep curse up listening to the teacher read , so that his hurry fugue Void! .

At this point, the teacher has not come yet, I heard classmates are talking with, especially the gossip Gian, he now toward the podium, a look of pleased, said: “Students, I tell you a good news, our class turn on the United States if the angel to a girl, do you wait for the next best attitude strongly indicates that some, well, you want to class. ”

At this time, the door opened. Eyes gazed at the class, under the eyes are not blinked, came ……

The original is the principal, with the whole class down to the ground, foaming at the mouth! . Moment in the climb up, someone said: “President, are you doing ah? Weighs Should we head teacher has hanged himself, you have come to teach us.”

Principals mouth hung a smile, lifted their hands and try meaning quiet. Then said: “there was this group of new students to you, we applaud welcome.”

At this time, West Road, has been lying on the table, sleeping in a …… more nervous this time angry, it really does not make us disappointed, slowly went to the podium, while fellow men below the door, immediately initiate gentlemen’s look, some eye color Mimi staring at her, and some drips the saliva, and some whistling! . The woman compatriots doors, jealousy, envy, self-esteem, attention! . This is our class, ah, hey!

At this time, the principal voice called out: “The students, who are new to the students, she called blue language Xin, I hope the students after a lot of care of her.” This time discussions more lively, beautiful men’s hearts will always be the topic of the eternal topic, “wow, good to hear the name, oh, a long and beautiful people,.” …… Buzz paragraph does not! .

Chancellor told her eyes to find their own seats, no way, the class only road west own one sitting, exclusive one table to find her own place to sit, and she looked at me on the straight road west vacancy came up.

Students see the beauty to sit beside road west. For a time, the boys are used to kill people’s eyes staring at the road west, girls are one disappointment, unwilling to look, feel this strong murderous, West Road, could not help shuddering, looked up and looked around a bit, Mom yo, all of them have to sleep staring at me, I am innocent ah, West Road, immediately also have eyes stare them all back, feeling the strong murderous Road West, after all regarded eyes taken away, turned his head to the , play with me, to learn more decades now, the eyes can kill! .

Then went back to the road in front of the beautiful West, the look, West Road, heart Earthquake, crazy eyes, could not help it. I saw her one meter sixty-five look, oval face, big eyes, small nose, Joan; goes on wet, sexy peach small mouth is simply trained to commit crimes. And goes Jiao good face, people can not help but want to caress, supple light hair just to shoulder the entire face is sufficient to give the amazing feeling, but her eyes cold, always gives fell into the icehouse feeling. This will undoubtedly greatly undermined the overall aesthetic. ”

She was wearing a red T-shirt, two groups developed chest is perfect for the extreme. Pants jeans, slim, undoubtedly human Acura, I did not expect to sit beside West Road, ha ha! .

Road West, looked her in the eyes, the eyes have to pass is to make her sit down, and when she comes into contact with the eyes of the West road, they were fascinated, could no longer leave. She had never seen such beautiful eyes, look Shensui desert measurements such as the vast universe, people see Che; also seems to see through all the world, mature and a little sense of vicissitudes.

When to see the road west of the face, the face is flush involuntarily climbs two, thought: “This is how I am?’ve Seen before, no matter how handsome men are cold, and when he does not exist. But today, I actually …… I did for him …… shy, do I like him? No, it is impossible, but his eyes really so nice, so I could not bear to leave. “immediately into a confused.

West Road, smiled, like she said: “Hello, my name is West Road, West Road, the road, the road west of West ~ ~ Pleased to meet you.” Wow Ga Gaga

She gently smiled and said: “Hello, my name is blue language Xin, Pleased to meet your escort in NY.”

Heard her words, the road west and crazy, nice voice, oh, and Wang Xinyi, like people heart sounds are so itchy, I rely on! I how beautiful immunity so bad for the! .

Hey, do not read, lying on the table, listening to the teacher talk about hypnosis, but beauty around, issuing fragrant taste to stimulate you, so no way, there are spiritual forces at her, hey, but also occasionally staring at me, do me interesting? Is a good girl, but also really serious lectures.

Class, and wow, a group of people came to the West Road class, pointing at me and said: I heard he also called West Road, Long Shuaio. “Heard:” You see the beauty beside him oh so beautiful , it seems that this year’s beauty down list to change, unfair ah, I am handsome, how not so pretty girl sitting with me too, “complained!.

A sudden drop in air around several degrees, cold wind, and people shuddered, the masses are afraid to look West Road, West Road, cold tunnel: “not seen enough, all rolled back, thought it was a zoo ah? ”

Blue language Xin looked nice road west face suddenly red, and quickly turned his head to see the language Xin Road West, like shame, mouth pinched smiling together, I thought: “Hey, is not interesting to me, looked at me blush, you get away, oh. ”

Those just onlookers crowd is another feeling, when the road west strong murderous, they only have eyes for fear that they will no doubt West Road in the next second they’ll be drawn and quartered, one by one help big cold sweats, and some even scared Jiaoruan was almost knelt down, then they will know regret, but fortunately Road West, no further how. When a strong murderous disappear when they dare hesitate, are scrambling to run to his class.

On the street

Hey, ah really so hard to find a job, do not college students, labor day die, you do not want me, how I live, ah! . West Road complained.

Hey! Find chef ah, hey, I do not know cooking has reached the realm of the Masters, West Road, went in, looked, good place, in the middle there is a fake tree, West Road, come here, come to a waiter in front, courtesy of asking the sentence: “Hello, may I ask the chef to find it here.” The waiter looked at West Road, West Road, seems they are attracted by the way, for a long time before answering, said: “Yes, you come with me.”

“Boss, he came to be a chef.” Waitress looked at a stand in front wearing a blue short dress, short skirt, long hair, turned his head and looked at West Road, asked: “Do you want to cook.” Road West, immediately said: “Yes, I have come to a chef.” She looked at me: “You can try your abilities it.” Road West, smiling, said: “No problem, I ask where the kitchen.”

Road West, picked up the pot, pour point of the oil, put the points onions put into it, and then put into the rice, put spices put into it, pour little water, then punched eggs, pour soy sauce (do not salt ah ) a homemade fried rice completed, the road in front of the West to get the boss: “You try it.” Looked at my meal, eat up, eat the first bite, immediately happy together, and then knocks wiped out! .

Wow, so good, reminds me, my mother gave me to do for dinner, why so sad, as if reading childhood, she looked at the way the West and said: “May I ask what the name of this road meal.” Road West, pinching mouth and said: “End of the World heartbroken rice.” She returned Taste: “strange not to, when to eat, that I miss my mother.” Sound turned and looked at road west smile: “Well, you qualified, wages May 2000, 19:00 to go to work every day, no problem.”

Road West, pleased and said: “No problem, start work tomorrow, right.” Then, West Road, went out and finally find a live dry, my goal so small it, and then I buy a stock, make it a good ratio.

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