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Contract on the sales department, the trio then went back to the sales department, ready to sign a contract.

Zhou Lingang one into the sales department, previously sales lady with the glasses, with a teasing tone impulse she asked: “how come back so soon? Already decided who will not buy flats, right?”

Also followed several other sales lady laughed, nobody believed that seem nice little bitch, have the ability to buy flats in this senior villas.

Zhou Lin to contract out, pointed Road West, smiled and said: “You really got that right, Mr. Lu who feel Fenglin Iaido his mind, decided on the spot, the Maplewood home buying, and now is back contract it! ”


“Oh, no!”

‘Army’ Maple Habitat ‘is he bought! ”

“He …… how he so rich?”

These sales lady spontaneously exclaimed, one tongue-tied, stunned

No one can think of. That dressed in ordinary, young man sitting over rental, even one shot will Fenglin Habitat bought!

That was the most expensive set of landscape Nga Villa, worth fifty million ah!

This really makes mistakes, even the one God of Wealth, as a beggar in vain to push to Zhou Lin’s arms.

Other sales lady looked Zhou Lin, but also envy and jealousy, his eyes almost red into rabbits.

Landscape Nga villa although difficult to sell, but much higher than the average house commission, just sell one thing to eat a few years are enough!

Zhou Lin came here to work until this day, it struck a Wuliuqianwan business, sales commission will be able to take the light of nearly one million, became a small rich woman, how could they not be jealous?

In particular, that the sales lady wearing glasses, although barely a smile on his face, than cry also ugly, she regret the intestines are screwed together, wait two hand fiercely fan himself, if her attitude a little better, such a big a deal, maybe to go with her!

She worked here nearly two years, Zhou Lin two days did not sell more!

Other sales lady quickly smiles, surrounded by the road west side, is being, but also pour some tea, warm and incredibly, just arrogant and contemptuous attitude than simply starker.

But even if they re-warm, too late, West Road, only buy a house for self-occupation, one person only, and Zhou Lin contract, for these false enthusiasm, he simply turned a blind eye, so that these sales lady hot face a cold ass.

Zhou Lin to take over the contract, handed the hands of West Road, Rui casual rolled, that is no problem, then signed.

After all Dounong appropriateness, Then he left the landscape Nga’s sales department.

The sales manager even gave alarmed, led a congregation sales lady smiles will they send out, has watched the two men left the car, this talk with road west side of the identity of origin, while the return to sales department.

Everyone think that this young man was really too surprising, how to see how unlike the rich, but why scary shot than anyone else, is simply to subvert common sense confusing.

After all that done Fenglin Road West, back home, sitting on the bed quietly close your eyes, Zhang Man, there are way home, Michael, Qiexi Ya, heaven, I Lucifer came back, was ruthless abandon you I came back again.

My strong will mean the death of this you are kneeling in front of me shaking the ~ ha ha ha ha …

The next morning the bus to North Road West, go sit, buses soon to come, but at this time, it is the students go to school, when the class of workers at work, basically every bus are filled with people. Although West Road can be considered after storms over the people, but for a family of cars on the clogged, West Road, some really cringe at such times ordinary people burst out unimaginable energy, one got angry, probably on the battlefield nothing more than so right.

West Road was thinking, people have to move involuntarily removed, and is now involuntarily, even if you do not want to squeeze, but the people behind not Guannameduo shock waves of the road west towards the door , West Road, as if the ocean in a boat drifts near the shore.

Suddenly, West Road, felt his hands seemed to hit something, soft, but yet very flexible, while the nose came faint, West Road, a move in mind, it is the legendary bus Aventure? His hand touched involuntary parts which should not be touched, oh, my Buddha ah ……

For never touched the girls West Road, this is definitely a very big stimulus from the feel, the touch of his people should not be too bad.

As long as this is not “want to see the back of crime, the side would retreat, the front look like self-defense” type, you can!

Road West, Y * Dang thinking ……

However, also at this time, West Road, a sore hand feeling, like being eyes met, then the owner is also from that scent was a bit away, and make way for the West inevitably some embarrassment, seemingly was discovered?

Alas, the people on the bus floating, how can I not the knife na, West Road, wanted to explain the two, but he was afraid things would wipe the more darker, only to give up, get on the bus until the time, he also discovered that beauty just As for why the West Road, he determined that this beauty is beauty too, by road west of the argument is the word intuition, plus just Nama fragrance.

This is an evildoer level of beauty, although the road west side only to see her, but the way the West is to be sure, especially when the road west to the eyes can be comparable to scan your computer, you find that the lady has a road west Bottom seen the most beautiful, rounded rather than hypertrophy.

Unconsciously, West Road, in the direction toward the beautiful squeeze, not really want to come to a road west bus pervert standard practice, but the road from the West would like nothing more beautiful things closer.

This beauty wearing a white-collar standard uniforms, one hand clutching the handrail, it is easy to fold will make some clothes, so wait until the road west to reach beauty behind it, the sight gave way almost sprayed West nosebleed.

Because girls taller than road west dwarfed in its wake the road west, it is easy from looking into her uniform collar, it is unfathomable ditch ah ……

West Road momentary absence, waiting for the bus starts only wake up, but it was too late, with a road west of inertia if dogs will prey rushed like beauty ……

Fortunately, the road west amazing skill, hold the last moment, and a hold of the handrail, though, because just that road ‘ditch’, make way for some of the West’s younger brother, heads held high, Oh, great, though West Road is not the least bit of difference between the pressure in the beautiful body, but his younger brother was a beauty withstood Bottom ……

Very flexible! Cool extreme! This is the road west beauty ass on the evaluation of ny escort.

“Ah!” With beauty scream, West Road, feet stepped on to the bitter look, this beauty is wearing high heels step on people necessary, this step, Rao Road West profound skill, but also let him instantly cheek deformation, and what a pain na ……

“I’m sorry.” Said a road west, quickly step back, but to hear the word beauty gently dumped – satyr, the sound is very low, so that the West stood by her side of the road just to hear, while the surrounding people did not react, but the people around to see if they stand so close together, apparently lovers will think they are right.

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