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Xin’s body language suddenly startled, casually stretched out his hands tightly around the neck of West Road, the road west responded enthusiastically. She had early awakening, and now the girls, it will be pretending to be asleep.

Soon came a rustling sound Haloxylon the strip, the house sounded “Blessings ah ah” moans.

*** Doubled over, put his head on the road west language Xin chest, eyes narrowed and said: “Xiao Nizi, even pretending to be asleep just lied to me and said, let me how fine you ah?”

“They did not, ah, people really asleep, or just when you touch the hair people awake.” Spoke also looked delicate and charming way with the West, but just doubled *** makes language Xin surface containing Spring, flush not faded, see Road West, could not help silly.

Frantically *** Siqie of these days let it out of love all.

“My husband, you are at school these days there doing it, and today twenty-eight up.”

“Oh, your husband I recently became a apprentice, learning to cure.”

“Why learn this too, do not you change a NY Escorts job?”

“No, ah, I was to make my baby after his wife, opened thirteen too cloth for carrying for you to eat, a good tocolysis Yeah, my husband thought far right!.

Immediately attracted Fenquan, blushed and said: “You’re good or bad, ignore you.”

These days the name of the first road west gradually rang, the original holding skeptical attitude of the patients after the road west diagnose the troubles of prescription drugs are basically twelve on the cure to the disease, there are some seriously ill patients also improved significantly (both Some minor illness), and when hear road west of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the session of the Mount Rushmore old water close disciples, the right path west of trust is unprecedented deep. Road West, that indifferent look, gentle tone of concern from the heart, people will feel comfortable talking to you, old water Seeing music also let him hone it, so that he would carry forward the door is now basically is this medicine between pharmacy doctor, beside the old man actually looked leisurely sipping tea medical books, only occasionally coaching moment and said the experience taught West Road. This is only an assistant, and now let me Zuotang, mother, and wages do not increase, gas road west teeth itch, like K him.

Walking on the road back to the villa, faintly heard someone calling for help, or a female voice, wow, oh! But also a hero to save the United States, and God really is sentimentally attached to me, wow quack Karma.

Road West, a place where the sound came Teleport, you can see the girls call for help when road west stunned, and he was with this girl broke up Lehman.

Lehman saw the familiar and unfamiliar faces there, West Road, a pain in my heart, seeing Lehman’s clothes to be stripped off those three punks, that two groups of white human chest device has been exposed, West Road, which only from the sad memories reflected a teleport block in Lehman before.

Which three punks saw the road west out of thin air, and sat on the ground, the road west to see Lehman molested by their three, bullying, do not know why, abnormal heart anger, a group eventually thrown over the fire, 3 people are incinerated, not a trace of the winds.

Road West, because just anger, his eyes inadvertently changed back to a blood red, the road turned to look at this West Lehman, did not speak.

Lehman look at this road goes west handsome face and that two pairs of pressing devilish general blood-red eyes, trembling asked: Who are you, what are you doing.

Road West before Lehman went step by step, still did not speak, just crouch down to help Lehman get dressed, and then said something, go to, I’ll take you home.

Lehman surprised a moment, she found this myself have never seen the beauty of youth, the body there is a familiar feeling, this feeling is so tender.

Lehman Road West, leaning out of the alley and saw a man and a woman coming from the opposite, the men he knew, was their class Lei, should be his next girlfriend, Lei saw Road West, so he ran over to say hello , said: West Road, to accompany his girlfriend Yeah, way out west called Lei Lehman hear the word, when suddenly froze, West Road, Lehman also felt the change, did not speak.

See Lu Lei West did not speak, knowing yourself is not the time, then said: West Road, you will continue, I would not light bulb, and then ran away.

Wang Lei was gone, West Road, still did not speak, but he shook unsteadily back Lehman said: Lu … West, you are way West? You look really what … Road West, turned, with sad eyes look at this Lehman, Lehman see the road west of the eyes, Leng Liaoleng, she knew that she was and the way the West say break up, LO West blow too.

Road West, finally spoke up and said: Yes, it is me, I look Why become so important, if you do nothing, then, I will send you back to, see Lehman Road West admit, my heart suddenly like a broken Gomi miscellaneous altar-like, seemingly to tears fell.

Road West, called a taxi, NY Asian Escort and then got together and Lehman, and Lehman Road West, along the way did not speak, taxi drivers see such a situation did not dare to ask, just quietly opened this car.

After 10 minutes, the car to the Lehman live in the district, West Road, leaning Lehman get off, and then said: You go to, I will go back.

Lehman Road West, said to go back to hear, the body is shaking a bit, West Road, Lehman sent the corridor, and then walked towards the area outside, Lehman Road West, that look at this more distant figure, but also endure in tears live streaming down, suddenly called out, wait for the next New York Escorts

[For more information on how funeral, please listen next time decomposition, we think that is for them and good, or let Lehman in pain regret it, you can use a message to tell me what you think}

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