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A phrase Xin returned home, they began to kiss up, long lip of “Baby, I have this to teach you some martial arts, self-defense, if I’m not around, you can protect yourself, in short order you safety, but also for my worry, you should seriously learn, oh. ”

“Well, I know.”

From the ring road west took out a dark artifact, and a knock pulp washing pills, because 5-Series is a precious crystal wizard king’s precious baby in the baby, and even then only a bottle of Lucifer, the last to Yun used, this can only be used to wash pulp Dan Xin language, a language with a dark artifact melting Xin’s body after body language Xin began Mist and fetid black mud out, and after a half an hour, language Hope he found his open eyes are stinking black mud, and quickly ran into the bathroom.

Language Xin came out, feeling refreshed the stretch, after the transformation of pulp washing Dan, and the use of dark artifact melting over nine days on the body is like fairies, language Xin laughed: Fool, what to see , West Road, silly, said: of course, look at my wife that this disastrous, Well, it will glib.

Then road west out nine days after Lady said: wife after you follow this Gong exercises.

Superior villa

“Tian Qi, what make you fat so much, I told you said, what should endure, to yourself, young man was too impetuous.” One in the elderly with eyes, a look of gentle! .

“Dad, your son insulted by others today, my life, I have not been so insulted, I could not help but make at.” One filled with evil bad boy said! .

“That’s what make you so much raw gas, Tell me.” The elderly went up to him, comforted.

“Today at school, I see that we accepted the first beauty school with a guy with no money no identity, and I could not understand, want to teach him up, did not think that he was a master, only I never bully others, nobody dare to bully me. ” Eyes filled with anger Road! .

“You’re on this thing, you have to figure out your dad though BJ City deputy party secretary, curry favor with me a lot of people, but you also do not make catches, as well, I heard one of China’s four big families The Menger Shangguan Shangguan Tian’s daughter is also the school that you want to happen, no matter her, in that case, we can control the entire economy of the BJ city. ” The elderly face evil laugh! .

“I know, Dad, I will certainly happen, no matter her, hey, when I see there who still bicker with me.” For eyes filled with light! .

Road West, hug after the passion of the language Xin, gentle and said: “Yes, my wife, your parents are doing it, I do not know if you can tell me what.”

“My husband, I’ll tell you one thing, oh, my parents are Chinese Legend of the blue one of the family, it can be said that cross-border business, China Legend are: Shangguan, blue. Way. Ouyang. Called China’s pillar So my parents was so busy. ”

West Road, listened, surprised, Blue? The original wife home background so ah, really scare yourself jump, can not do, and to make good money, and I have left more than 5000 bar, the job did not go a few days, has long been expelled from it, forget to take 5000 to buy stock it, “her husband, her husband, in thinking about it.”

“Ah, no, ah, I just think, how to make money ah.”

Lu Xi Chen channel: “Baby, I do want to say to you, do not anyone say, oh, this thing if to say, there are very serious trouble.”

“You say, Keiji will not anyone say.”

Thinking said: “Wife, I do not want to lie to you, in fact I am an angel,

Hope to hear when the language of angels, when surprise: That husband, you are not there two large white wings it, West Road, helpless smile, said: wings to be had, but not white, but 12 Oh,

Language Xin thought a moment and said: That is not black and white, you said you have 12 wings, I have seen on the Internet, the Western Paradise, there is a 12 Priest long before the first of the angel Lucifer Satan, because betrayal and love is heaven, so became a fallen angel, Lucifer … Road West … wow! Name only a single word yeah!

Husband you say you have 12 black wings, you do not put that Lucifer, excited to see him look, West Road, nodded helplessly, be the default.

Hope to see West Road, language recognition, and even more excited, and said: I originally thought it was only Greek mythology, did not think there really Lucifer and the angels Yeah, that her husband, can I let you look that 12 wings.

Road West, helpless stood up, put the 12 wings expanded, changed back to the bright red hair, long hair, blood red eyes turned back.

Hope Road West, just look at this to see my language daze, after a long pause before reflecting back, trembling and said: You are – you are a road west?

Road West, smiled and said: What do you wife silly question, of course I was way west, and then words Xin said: wow … my husband, you are so handsome ah, so much about to jump in my arms, his lips slowly close kissing up.

Hope to see West Road phrase looked at his happy face, lying on the road west of the breasts, and said softly; “husband Thank you, trust me, I already know you’re not the average person, but really beyond my Imagine, I did not expect my husband is an angel, I’m so glad there is that Qiexi Ya sister’s betrayal, you must be very sad to her husband as long as you know that I love you like, I will never do betrayal of your things.

At this moment, West Road, heart melted, excited hug language Xin, a wife so the couple needs ah, and then shook hands Xin language, said softly: “Baby, thank you, I love you so pass acknowledge wife from NY escort review, my life is a blessing. ”

The next two days, just worship language called Hope Road West, take her out to buy things, but was postponed Road West, called her at home sleeping or watching TV, and I do is study the stock market situation, to a strike that , all have bought, the net worth of property to buy into it, to see that it does not rise up, and if l, then, first earning hundred of thousands, that time, I was afraid my wife could not afford.

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