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Shushan Presbyterian beauty

When Lu West is going smelting seven capital sins, when Chaos Space suddenly began to collapse, and the ring road west yard to find a few bottles 10 bottles installed chaos stone milk, a good use for smelting seven capital sins, and Black Mountain Twinkle, West Road, returned to the place he had been struck by lightning, he intends to go back when suddenly there was a feijian fly over,

Lucifer does not hide, a grasping hand, grasp feijian, then a flame to burn scrap left feijian he turned around to see who is so kind of attack himself, he turned around and froze in it.

This is a kind of face Yeah, baby, like skin, mouth, eyes hazy mist-like, a seat of ancient white, like a fairy,

Road West, found that she also watched it yourself daze, West Road, think of it, he forgot convergence from the wings and the momentum, and after a while the girl was recovered, only to find themselves panicked that this people really beautiful ah!

West Road, asked: Who are you? Why attack me?

There are points within the woman stayed, this reflected back, blushing, said: I am Shushan five elders elegant,

Who are you, why would emit so pure and powerful dark atmosphere, what you really have wings? Or 12, which is not characteristic of the Western Angel Priest long do you in the end is who?

West Road Kuanghan ~ said: I say beauty, you attack me first, asked me so many questions, do not you think it rude, well, see you were on pretty long so tell you,

West Road in KwaZulu themselves heard, elegant face more than one flush,

Road West, said: call me Lucifer, you can call me Lu west, so far as I have wings, why is there such a metamorphosis of the atmosphere, the reason is very simple, I was fallen angels.

This little face did not look elegant red road west face, and asked: You’re the strongest Western fallen angel Satan Lucifer, no wonder so pretty ~ ~ long elegant sound is very small, West Road, but listen to this abnormal auditory clearly, is this beautiful fancy me? West Road secretly YY own saliva should stay out of this.

Road West, color and said: I’m going slightly beauty, we will meet, finished road west of 12 jet black wings startled, disappeared without a trace in a rainstorm, leaving only elegant in that trance.

Road West to return to his live in apartment, this time with a dark atmosphere Road West, has her eyes turned black to bright red hair into a pitch-black bangs short hair, certainly put his breath and his 12 Only perverted big wings close up,

West Road home, the first thing is take a bath, although in chaos stone milk soak hundreds of millions of years, but still a good wash,

[in here to explain chaos precious stone milk: Chaos stone milk is the principle of cosmic chaos form, no one has ever seen, even the founding god never seen chaos stone milk, can be said to treasure the treasure in the universe, West Road, then escaped from heaven when you can say is good luck extreme, being Chaos Space absorbed into it, but also because they can not move. Absorb hundreds of millions of years before all the forces of chaos stone milk so perverted]

Rushed into the bathroom and let the water flow spray nozzle flush with the body, he took a comfortable tone, that really is gold silver nest nest as their own kennel, home is comfortable ease.

Rushed for an hour, carefully wash the body of the dirt road west side of the body with a towel wiping drops of water, while pick up a mirror according to the picture.

Be his own temperament, facial features, skin are all the most beautiful paradise, he even restrained, like still let heaven and earth eclipsed moon light.

Road West, look at this own look Daileng of standing there, and after a long pause before reflecting over, touched his face, sighed and said: Is this really me? So beautiful,

Sitting on the bed, I suddenly thought he still no weapons, it is better now have time to put more than 30 meters within the seven capital sins to refining, so much I did not send his sword with his hands black light flash, a cloth in four weeks enchantment,

Then come up with more than 30 meters of the Sword, again from the chaos that 10 bottles out of the chaotic world of rock band took out the milk, which can be formed by cosmic law stone milk Yeah, Lucifer’s forces can rely on all the time so perverted circulation and absorption of hundreds of millions of years of stone milk,

Road West to 10 bottles floating in the air, bang! Bang! Bang! 10 bottles all broken, chaos stone milk can still floating in the air and in together Ning.

Road west of the fire with a very god hands torches Chaos stone milk wrapped up, and then start refining the seven capital sins, because chaos stone milk causes seven sins quickly melts into liquid,

Road West, touching any liquid suddenly shocked for a moment, yells and said: damn tired of this magic metal, which disgust magic metal either in heaven or earth belong to a legend.

It is said that the magic metal is tired Throne of Zeus … this metal in the universe, it was only the throne of Zeus so much, not only the hardness of the metal in the universe belongs to the first, but also can be cut together. Inside the dark forces is a bottomless pit, so the seven capital sins before they are called, the source of darkness.

Damn, I just heard this very powerful weapon, I did not expect was tired of magic metal, which forces the metal addition to the above, there is an effect that is immune magic.

An ordinary weapon just add a few grams of metal can be immune to all spells, do not know who is actually so perverted magic metal made with pure disgust to put more than 30 meters of the Sword.

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His immune to magic, so my very god of fire, although the strongest flame can be strong also belong to the magic one, just put him completely chaotic stone milk melting effect.

This time finished, as soon as I receive power, which will be tired of magic liquid metal erosion of me, but if he does not receive power to gather together, either I’m strong, the body is not enough dark forces he absorbed, because it absorbs intensity is sick. Am I going to die in this Lucifer yet?

West Road despair, I suddenly thought, well the only way to save themselves, if I absorb one third of disgust disgust magic magic metal and then use the power of the metal plus my own strength to be able to refining success, so I can hanging like a great chance, should this metamorphosis of metal absorption so sick, I might be his anti-absorbed.

Regardless of the matter, sooner or later go on in such consumption is dead, it is better to fight it for NY escort service.

Road west chest with dark energy forms a whirlpool, the third of disgust magic metal liquid is sucked in vivo.

This metamorphosis of a liquid metal into the body on the crazy road west absorption Road west dark energy, dark energy road west itself is a black hole can be infinitely swallowed and swallowed energy is also known as metamorphosis, West Road, and this disgust magic metal to swallow, to see who first who absorbed.

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