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Spirited little Lolita

Subject to the payment of their own eyes and to buy clothes, go on like this will certainly lead to comprehension of attention, from the ring road west yard out to a superb fine stone, because it was his worst ring inside, and if there listening comprehension to him this idea, the best finishing stone is the absolute worst spot vomiting blood.

BJ Road West, came to one of the best jewelry line and then went inside, West Road, an absolute one hundred percent into the second glance, the counter lady look at his clothes, originally wanted to call security, you can see when he looks like, with the pig-like sister Where to stay up.

Road West, went to the counter and said: Miss, what gems here do not charge admission, the counter lady raised his head and said: close, you can see the road after the finish looks like it spent the West which the ~ ~

Need road west out of fine stone and asked: How does this worth, the counter lady had a long pause before reflecting back to see the hands of the Jing Shi Road West, shocked for a moment, because this huge fine stone aura, from surface can be seen in seven colors emitted light, to see that this is not where the goods.

At the counter lady surprised when there is a 60-year-old man is watching a monitor every move of this road west, when he saw the road west out of the best fine stone, they also shocked for a moment, then ordered his men to Road West, please come.

Road West was going to say something, found a black suit Han walked over and said: Hello sir, my boss ask you to go into the details, West Road, did not think about just inside,

West Road into the future to see a 60-year-old white-haired figure who trained himself looking at this, the old man said: What’s your name young, West Road, replied: West Road, the old man and said: Are you still in school put, this stone that you come, finish exudes a compelling momentum, this momentum may be okay for ordinary people, it can be the right path with the West is the same air, West Road, exudes a bit of his abnormal breath, suddenly everyone present, including the old man has a kind of impulse to want to kneel down to worship.

Trembling old man said: Seniors Hello, I just do not know who you were invited to seniors forgive me senseless, West Road, to hear a 60-year-old man called his predecessors, could not help but burst aversion to cold, said: I just wanted to sell gems you Look at this stone worth,

Road West, is considered an expert comprehension down and said: tell you the truth, I was the main family home Gongsun Gongsun holy, we Gongsun family has always been the ancient martial arts family, the business community’s strength is also the country top 50, your predecessors piece of fine stone impact on my family will be very great, if seniors want, what kind Having this number really stretched 10 fingers.

Road West, thought he meant 100,000, muse 100,000 to 100,000, anyway, does not matter, enough to buy clothes on it, West Road, said: Well put,

Road West, agreed to hear the old man, suddenly overjoyed, then opponent shouted: immediately transferred from the company’s account to this 1000000000 Gold on Swiss bank.

Road West to hear the old man said 1000000000 Somewhat taken aback when, My goodness I actually put one billion as 100,000, and fortunately did not say it, get it back after the Gold Road West, the fine stone to the holy Gongsun Gongsun holy trembling took fine stone,

Road West, found their way to buy clothes and eyes too ostentatious, so he and Kung San, said: Please can help me buy mobile phones, buy a set of clothes, buy a plain mirror, I went out and bought a little swagger like this .

Kung San first froze a moment, then smiled and said: this small negligible, and then commanded his men to buy,

Waiting for the clothes, the control room door opened suddenly came a little girl about 15, 16 years old, petite stature, Liu Yuemei, hanging lamps nose, an eye in the cheeks dimpled smile thrown in scarlet under whitewash white skin is lingering heart, a good one Qiaosheng Sheng woman, well a perfect blooming azaleas.

That girls walked toward the holy Gongsun with coquetry tone, said: Grandpa, I heard a big guy came, came running over to see where it?

Kung San reluctantly said: There are guests, not nonsense, then LO West said: seniors, this is my granddaughter Gongsun exquisite, exquisite Gongsun west of the road looked stunned for a while shouting: wow really handsome yeah! What you are really handsome skin care … what you call … handsome guy how much you … dudes do you live? Your telephone number … guy, how about NY escort service?

West Road, get a good meal Kuanghan ~ ~ ~ ~ imaginative little Lolita

This time the road west of clothes, mobile eyes buy back, West Road Huanhaoyifu, found the time to bring out the eyes Gongsun exquisite playing their phone is now West Road, a brand of modern fashion sun dress, the coupled He also Burnaby baby soft white skin, and a black-rimmed eyes, and did not decline without charm and courtly gave people a feeling.

Gongsun exquisite road west out of sight, to see the way West Road, shouted: wow … Road West … they become handsome … you get the road west of the old head startled red startled white.

Gongsun Delicate Road: Take … Road West, I put my phone number saved to your new phone slightly, it is absolutely necessary to me yo, … West Road Again shame, good initiative girls ~ ~

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