To Review Or Not To Review Your Escort

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NY Escort Review

There are many reasons why someone would want to write a review and many reasons why someone shouldn’t write a review.

Reviews are weird, you’re reviewing an encounter you are involved in. You’re not an outside observer, you’re an active participant. Also most men who review escorts are actually reviewing their own performances. It doesn’t matter if the review is positive, negative or something in between, reviews have less to do with the actual encounter and more to do with the reviewers perception of himself. If you do decide to write a review about your encounter with an escort, here are some things to keep in mind before you put pen to paper.

Asian escorts does not cares about your dick size

Seriously they don’t. Not anyone reading the review or the escort who you met with. If you talk about how hard, big and mighty your dick is everyone reading will just think you’re lying anyways. Chances are the lady you met with has seen bigger and smaller so just keep that little nugget of information to yourself.

No you didn’t make her cum

Even if you think you did, you didn’t. It’s natural for her to make you want to feel like you’re king of the world between the sheets. You certainly didn’t make her cum over and over and over. Putting that in a review just makes you look like you’re making stuff up. Or that you’re really gullible. So, your “companionship only” time with her ended and the two of you mutually agreed (as two consenting adults) to spend some intimate time together. Let me repeat, no you didn’t make her cum.

It’s a review not the great American novel

Keep it short and to the point. No need to wax poetic about the aroma in the air or what really important thoughts were going on in your head as you were driving your red, vintage American sports car though the dewy canyon at dusk to meet with the sexy, lingerie clad, vixen who’s dying to jump on top of your huge, pounding, cock. You’re not that good of a writer and even if you are, escort reviews are not the place to sharpen your creative writing skills.

Keep it civil

If you had a less then stellar experience then think twice about writing a review. Think about it for a while and never write in haste. If you decide to go ahead with the review, then honestly think about what you could have done to contribute to the bad experience. Escorts want to make you happy and want you to leave them feeling good about the experience, this is in fact the job. Did you show up un-showered? Did you ask her to do something that clearly made her uncomfortable? Did you forget your manners when you walked though the door? Or worse, did you forget you were interacting with a human being and expected her to “service” your needs like a robot then in turn felt like you weren’t treated well in exchange? Look, sometimes a mediocre experiences just happens, two people lack chemistry. Or one or both of you could be having a bad or off day. Remember YOU picked her and hopefully you did as much research as you could to make sure you were picking someone you had a high chance of clicking with. She new nothing about you until you walked though her door. So if it was a mismatch then maybe that’s on you and you shouldn’t be taking pen to paper to tell other people she’s not good at her job.

Keep the sexy details to a minimum

Yes, I know some review sites expect you to write a review like it was a Penthouse Letter. Resist that urge! Remember that you are writing about a living breathing human that just spent very personal time with you. Be respectful and thoughtful about how you characterize her. That person you just spent private sexy time with could be someone’s mother, sister or daughter. Think about how you’d want one of your family members written about.

Think about why you want to write a review

Is it because you have this uncontrollable urge to have other dudes slap you on the back like a frat boy who just roofied a co-ed? Because the escort asked you to? Because you read a lot of reviews and feel like you need to give back to whatever review site you are participating in? Have a huge case of the guilts and someone’s gotta pay for it? Maybe you just don’t know why you feel compelled to sit down and write very personal details for the whole internet to read about an encounter you participated in. I would encourage you to examine why you want to write a review. Your motivation is important and will come though in the review you write.

The bottom line is it’s up to you if you want to review or not. Some escorts like them and feel they help their business and many do not like them at all and feel they invade their privacy. If a lady has a “no NYC Escorts policy” respect that and respect her enough to not sit down and write a review of that encounter. If you do, I can guarantee you she will feel betrayed by you and that’s the kind of thing that drives ladies to have unpleasant feelings about their choices to get into escorting. Don’t contribute to that. Also there are in fact a whole group of ladies who won’t consider meeting with you if you are an avid and often reviewer and they are getting more vocal about their distaste for reviews and review culture by the day. So weigh the benefits with deciding to review with the costs of doing so and try to be as respectful and thoughtful as possible if you chose to go down the “to review or not to review” path.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]