You Can’t Clean a Dirty Mind from Rub Sex Bomb

Summertime is all about wet and wild fun. Water adds a playful and fresh element to Rub Sex Bomb and photo-shoots during the hot months of the year.

Latex in the tub:

If you’re wearing latex be sure you stay cool. Athena Fatale provides a wealth of advice over at – Summer Latex Survival Guide. Here are three of Athena’s recommendations to stay cool, wet and shiny.

Drink plenty of water. Latex encourages sweating and dehydration can occur quickly, especially if alcohol is involved.
Hold an ice cube in your mouth to help regulate body temperature and prevent overheating.
Wet latex is cooler than dry latex. If your latex gets too warm, hop in the pool or pour some cool water on yourself. The breeze will continue to cool the water while your latex dries, which won’t take long. – via the Stockroom Blog
Even without latex clothing you can play in the pool, hottub, bath or shower in your next session or sexy playtime in the sun. The possibilities are many.

Get messy before you get clean:

It’s super fun to get wet for bathtub or shower fun. Even better when you get messy first with whipped cream, pies, cakes, chocolate sauce or whatever messy sauces or foods you prefer. Contain your messy play in the shower or tub and you don’t have to worry about too much clean up after. Make sure you have a powerful shower with a spray that will clean you off in all of those hard to reach places. Indulge in different slippery sensations from sauces and foods squishing against skin to the flow of water rinsing you clean. The view from the tub isn’t always so boring.

Waterproof Orgasms:

Make sure your sex toys and vibes are waterproof and submersible. Quality rechargeable toys from brands like We-Vibe Fun Factory and JimmyJane are perfect for getting wet and wild. We-Vibe 3 would be great to wear in the shower while your playmate holds the remote in the next room. Although, I don’t recommend the rubber ducks that vibrate, I’ve found that they sometimes don’t even float! What about a water gun or a fabulous shower head. Use your imagination… The next time you plan some fun in the tub, hot-tub or pool don’t forget to bring the toys!

Slip and Slide with Silicone Lube:

Silicone lubricant is a must for sex or masturbation under water. Water-based lubes will be completely ineffective and wash away when you bring them into a wet environment Silicone lube will stay slick for a long time, and won’t wash off unless you use a good soap and some elbow grease. Silicone lubricants allow for some very sexy and slippery fun as the water washes over you.

Aphrodisiac Bubbles:

A clean cool bath is perfect for a hot summer night or warm candle lit evening. Try a luxurious Lush Sex Bomb or natural essentials oils like lavender, said to increase arousal for men, to scent your sexy scene. For bubble bath fun try an It’s a Date bubble bar or a Two Timing Tart for a frothy foamy bath. Enjoy the luxury, relaxation and the view. Use bubbles to cover only the necessary bits or to design funny sexy outfits or hair styles. Let your playmate wash your back or have a bubble fight in the bathroom with the rich lather. You will smell devine with soft clean skin and be ready to take your sexy playtime to a warm and dry spot for more excitement and fun.

Tell me, how do you like to get wet while you play dirty?