Is this commercial creepy or hilarious?

Some say it’s funny, some call it creepy. Either way, a new Old Spice commercial dubbed “Momsong” has the Internet buzzing.

The commercial, part of a series called “Smellcome To Manhood,” promotes a new line of Old Spice body sprays. The sprays, according to the ad, quickly turns teenage boys into men — something that a group of moms in the commercial apparently aren’t ready to come to terms with.

One mom is seen hiding behind the door in her son’s bedroom as she sadly sings about her boy quickly becoming a man after using Old Spice. The song is picked up by other moms as they spy on their sons hanging out with girls. It makes me think about New York escorts, when I called outcall escort service, maybe my mother gonna be hiding somewhere in my bedroom, it is kind of nightmare.

The ad rocketed to viral status on Sunday when it was shown at commercial breaks during the NFL playoff games. Within a day, the term “Old Spice” was tweeted over 50,000 times, according to social analytics company, Topsy, and the video has had more than 1 million views since it was posted a few days ago.

Very creepy and disturbing commercial, I will definitely not buy this product..