Parents pushing for legal marijuana in Georgia

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But, there a special case. Parents pushing for the legalization of medical marijuana in Georgia are ramping up as the 2014 legislative season will get underway next week.

Channel 2’s Lori Geary spoke to several parents who gathered at a home in Mableton in Cobb County.

Many of their children suffer from different seizure disorders.

Children with similar issues in states like Colorado and California, where medical marijuana is legal, are seeing remarkable improvements after receiving a form of the drug.

“These kids in Colorado are not getting high, they’re taking it in an oil format, they’re not smoking it. It’s basically safer than any medicine we can prescribe our children today,” parent Blaine Cloud told Geary.

Blaine Cloud’s 8-year-old daughter, Alaina Cloud, suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Dravet syndrome. Patients can suffer hundreds of seizures a day and there is no cure.

Children in other states who are suffering from Dravet syndrome and taking medical marijuana in an oil form have seen their seizures reduced to one a day.

“We want to get the message out that people shouldn’t be scared about this, that it’s going to change our state. These aren’t crazy parents; we all are just looking for something to help our children,” Alaina Cloud’s mother, Shannon Cloud, said.

Corey Lowe’s 12-year-old daughter, Victoria Lowe, suffers from mitochondrial disease and can suffer hundreds of seizures every day. She now has a service dog, Choco, that can alert her parents to the seizures.

Corey Lowe says her daughter has been on 13 different high-powered medications and even has a pump to control the seizures, but to no avail.

She says she just wants compassionate lawmakers to think about their own children.

“I just wonder what the possibilities are with her. If you can just stop her seizures can she finally stop and say ‘I love you,'” Lowe said.

The parents know it’s a tough year to get any major piece of legislation passed because all of the lawmakers under the Gold Dome, including Gov. Nathan Deal, are up for re-election.

Geary talked to one high-ranking Republican who says he’s open to hearings on the issue.