How to Become a Preferred Regular of Escorts

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My bullet list of tips to become a preferred client of Asian escorts and other adult providers:

  1. Have a sense of humor and be yourself. Escorts interact with people all the time and they easily pick up on people who are insincere or superficial. Don’t feel any pressure to impress her with outlandish tales or extravagant wealth, just be yourself and show her a good time. Not only will she show you a good time in return, but she’ll actually look forward to seeing you if you are able to share a few good laughs and she feels comfortable around you since you’re down-to-earth.
  2. Don’t be afraid to become friends. If you see an escort on any regular basis, you form a sort of relationship in the same way you would your doctor, mechanic or anyone else you do business with loyally. So don’t be afraid to ask how she’s been, what is new in her life and feel free to share some of your own updates as well. This helps to take away any mechanical aspect to the encounter, which everyone seems to prefer anyway. Obviously you don’t want to pry or be invasive, but making idle conversation is not going to cross any lines with most ladies. It shows that you realize she is a real human being with feelings and a life, and that tends to count for a lot with most of us.
  3. Offer your help in a time of need. While this is certainly not a requirement and is never expected by any escort, it sure can bump you up to the top of her favorite client list if you offer your help to her when she might need it most. Of course it’s never a good idea to help someone if you’re not in a position to help, so never do that. Only consider it at times when it will truly not put you out at all and you don’t mind the effort involved. She is sure to remember your kindness and return the favor by making you a priority client when booking appointments.
  4. Make the meeting arrangements as painless as possible for her. Everyone has a different living situation and means of transportation. If you can’t host and she doesn’t drive, then rent a room at a decent hotel and offer to pick her up and bring her back home or pay for a cab ride both ways. This takes the stress off of her and makes her life more simple by eliminating these extra details that she would otherwise have to figure out on her own. The more laid back and accommodating you are, the more pleasurable it will be for her when you call her up to see if she’s available.
  5. Show an interest in her as a person. An escort knows that you find her attractive and all of that, but if you can convey that your interest in her extends a bit deeper, then you will probably have her attention. This isn’t to say you should lead anyone on to believe that you want something more, but simply that you find her interesting on more than one level and that her beauty is more than skin-deep. This is almost always appreciated and makes you more likable to any lady, within or outside of the business.
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In other words, by being your normal fantastic self and extending providers you see with the same great treatment that you extend other people in your life, you’re bound to be an ATF in they eyes of your favorite playmates![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]