Searches and Stats From Around the World

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Sexuality is a many nuanced thing. What turns you on? What do you search for when looking for Asian escorts NYC, what gets you really hot? I’ve tapped into a few recent studies and news articles cropping up around the web and dug into some of these questions and more, for instance:

Why Is Porn So Popular Where Homosexuality is Banned?

In a survey of tolerance of homosexuality around the world, the “least tolerant nations surveyed was Pakistan, where only 2 percent of those surveyed said society should accept homosexuality. That statistic might be unsurprising, considering that gay sex is illegal under the Pakistani penal code. But what is surprising is how those views compare to Pakistani search traffic around gay-porn-related terms… (currently) Pakistan is by volume the world leader for Google searches of the (gay sex) terms…” – Why Is Gay Porn So Popular in Pakistan?

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about this type of disconnect when it comes to virtue and vice. Anyone who has ever worked in a sex shop is familiar with the statistic that the state with the most porn consumed per capita is Utah, also the most notoriously religious. Here’s a news article on the subject: Utah: Online Porn Capital of America?

Is it the taboo that makes these searches so prominent? Access on the internet to anything we could ever want to see and very little access to the images anywhere else. I’m betting it’s pretty hard to find a gay porn movie where homosexuality is considered a punishable crime. Or any type of porn at all where the religion restricts access via other means.

Even buzzfeed and pornhub have taken the opportunity to make the religious porn connection. Creating a list of the The Most Porn-Loving Religious Cities In The Country.

Whether this is a trend or just a coincidence, hypocritical or a natural reaction to the restrictions of the culture, the recurring theme has our attention.

Most Popular Porn Searches Around the World: has created a fun and interactive infographic that shows the “top 10 most commonly searched terms on porn sites over a 6 month period.” – Global Internet Porn Habits Infographic

I found some interesting trends: around the world there are quite a few places where local pride is alive and well. Many countries including Russia, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina all had the number one searched term include their country’s name.

As fars as local gay pride goes, Mexico and Peru top the list. With Peru’s top 10 all being gay, showing its (gay) love for number four searched, Justin Bieber. I’d like to see their stats on Justin Bieber sex doll sales.

Not everyone has the most attraction to the local flavor. In China the number one search is for “Japanese.” In Pakistan the top search is “Indian sex video (gay),” and in Iceland the second most search term is “Native American (gay).” In Canada the number one porn search is for the tearm “Asian.”

Oddly ? in Romania and Hungary, “mom and son” rank high (first and second, respectively). I don’t know how to feel about that one, but there you have it. As far as fetishes go I noticed that in Hungary “Latex” came in at number nine.

sexy sapiosexuals
sexy sapiosexuals

Some of the searches were for individual super stars. For example, confirming rumors about Russia’s love for Sasha Grey, coming in fifth. And Kim Kardashian making the charts in both Ukraine (9) and Nigeria (10). Kenya also has some exquisite taste, searching for the very lovely Aria Giovanni.

A few other interesting top searches include Israel – ‘Prostate’, Palestine – ‘family’ and Lebanon – ‘sleeping girl’. If you have a few more hours to learn about sex and porn searches and studies from around the globe, check out the link and have a look around: Global Internet Porn Habits.

Here’s even more sex statistics from around the world:

  • French geographers publish global atlas on sexuality. There are some diverse and sometimes shocking numbers noted here. “In Greece, Poland and Brazil, some 80 percent of the population think sex is very important, while in Thailand and Japan just 38 percent do…”
  • Geography of Sex via, A Review of the “The Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior”

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