Should New York escorts adjust rates for low-service clients?

New York escorts hear requests that revolve around rates, services, time and details. For every client, they have a different request, a reason he or she is different, a special consideration that could be made and a potentially different way to charge. It’s difficult to keep your rates and policies straight if you make special, separate allowances for every client you have.

For example, you may have clients who consider themselves low-service: they only want to cuddle, half hour Nuru Massage, touch your breasts or engage in some other non-penetrative sexual activity… And, because they don’t need the full range of services, they expect a discount for escort service in New York.

Some escorts are alright with this arrangement. They feel that the activities the clients are receiving are somehow less demanding than a full-blown escort date, so they are willing to give their clients a break. However, other escorts feel much differently. Many escorts charge for their time, period. What a client wants to do during that time is up to him or her, but the rate is the same regardless of the activities.

It makes sense to keep in mind that prostitution is illegal in most of New York. Escorts who charge for their time are further away from the fine line between prostitution and escorting than escorts who charge for services offered during a date.

Let’s take a look at other reasons for and against charging low-service clients differently:


Low-service clients do not require as much activity. Generally, escorts do not feel as worn out or spent after an encounter with a client who does not require full service. The date may include other activities, which leave the escort with more energy. It is not as physically taxing on an escort, so the full rate doesn’t have to be charged to fully compensate her for her efforts.

Many NY escorts feel as though they are only partially servicing a client, so a partial rate is appropriate. They compare it to buying a car: if you buy the car with fewer options, you get a discounted rate compared to the car with all the whistles. Since a client is agreeing to fewer services, escorts often charge less because a client isn’t taking full advantage of the available options. Essentially, this is pay for play. You get what you pay for. Service on demand.

Some escort owners already have different rates based on other services, such as social escorting. Escorts who agree to accompany a client to dinner, a banquet or other special event as a social escort only often charges a separate rate for this time compared to what would be charged for the same time spent behind closed doors. Escorts who have the different rate agree that it’s a different job: being a social escort who is only accompanying you in private is different from being an escort who also attends to you in private. Separate rates are justified and fair, according to some escorts.


New York escorts agencies who charge differently run the risk that a client may change his or her mind part way through the encounter. After a certain amount of sexual excitement without intercourse, many clients want more. They may want more intimate touching, penetration or full climax, which may not have been part of the original deal. Stopping to renegotiate the fee isn’t always possible. And, then an escort must attempt to get the rest of the fee at the end of the encounter, if the date develops into full service. This is not only awkward, but it is also difficult to get a client to pay more afterwards.

The same rates should apply, because it takes the escort the same amount of effort and time to get ready for a low-service client as a it does a regular one. An escort still has to do her hair, put on her make-up, get dressed and travel to or make time for the encounter with the client. The same rate should apply. If less work were involved, a lower rate could be justifiable, but the same methods and requirements are present.

You lose money with partial-rate clients. A full-rate paying client could be scheduled for a date instead of a lower paying one. By allowing a lower-service client to schedule a session, you are limiting your income. An escort might have been able to obtain her full rate during the time, if she hadn’t filled her time with a lower-paying client. Making a habit of this can really decrease an escort’s income capacity.

Degrades your career. Street prostitution is known for charging for the service or the act, for example, $240 for oral sex or $300 for sex. Escorts are classier than that and don’t get down to carnal details. Escorts charge for the entire experience – for charm, appearance, wit, skills and so on. Charging less due to a client requesting fewer services is a way of giving in to haggling or letting clients decide what you are worth. Many escorts simply say it’s not even something they consider, because time with them is valuable whether you’re having sex or discussing poetry.

Many boundary pushers start out this way. Seasoned escorts have discovered that many clients who are always seeking to push boundaries or expect escorts to go outside of their comfort levels for them start out by asking for special favors, such as discounted rates for fewer services. “Foot in the door technique”, they call it. Clients like these are not ones that escorts wish to have. Many escorts feel that if a client isn’t willing to pay their fees for their time, regardless of the activities, they don’t need to mess with them. Following directions is an important part of the escort/client relationship, and paying the standard rate falls into this category. Clients who fail to go along with the rules are not worth keeping.

NYC escorts who choose to go along with a client who requests a lower fee for fewer activities should carefully and clearly inform her client that this rate is not a permanent, fixed rate. She should let him know she can adjust her rate for their encounters at any time, and he shouldn’t feel that he has won her over.

Low-service clients can be great to have, especially on days you just don’t feel like getting in the mood, but they can also cause real issues for you if they become boundary pushers. Clear communication between escorts and clients, coupled with strong rule enforcement are required for such scenarios.