Top 5 Things Escorts Needs in Their Date Bags

Here are the Top 5 Things Escorts Needs in Their Date Bags

  1. Condoms: Do not ever expect someone else to have condoms. I have been in situations where I didn’t have them and expected the John to bring them, and he hadn’t. So, someone has to go to the store or go raw. Have three different types just in case.
  2. Massage lube: A lot of times, I catch myself using massage lube to start out with a body rub. This is more important to bring than lotion or anything else.
  3. Dildo: You never know what you’ll get at times. You may end up with an ass man. So, bring a decent selection just in case.
  4. Hand sanitizer: Cleanliness is very important. Use it when you arrive, after you wash your hands and after your session. Protect yourself from anybody else’s germs and stay super clean.
  5. Smaller purse: Yes, a smaller purse, smaller than the bag you bring to a date. This is to just hold your money, so it’s properly organized and protected.

You have to take responsibility for yourself and your items at all times. So keep it right and keep it tight.