How To Screen Massage Clients

Either you are an escort or massage girl, there are various ways to screen potential clients. Here, is a short list on how to screen massage clients and feel safe.

  1. Full name: Some may not want to give their full names. I know a few regulars that, up to this day, I still don’t know their first name. You can find most Johns through a Google search, so research and read about who you may meet.
  2. Number: Try to get a work or personal number so you know they’re legit.
  3. Email: At times many won’t want to give out a work number, but get one so you know they’re legit. You don’t have to contact them, but you should be able to find them.
  4. Hotel rooms numbers and last names: This is usually the most guaranteed way to screen at hotels. Get the last name as well as the room number to see if it matches. I had a 100 percent positive rate by doing this. Do not meet them downstairs; meet at their doors.
  5. References: Most men are usually regulars, so find out who they say they dated prior to meeting them. If they never saw anyone before, then get more info on them.
  6. Job info: Find out where they work; most Johns are on an “about” page as a CEO or vice president.

Those are just the basics, if you want to delve deeper, that’s up to you. You can also view the white list on