My Experience with Cops

Las Vegas is the main city that loves to arrest girls every day and give them a slap on the wrists. On the East Coast it’s a lot different. You can get charged with a felony and spend many days in jail. Knowing that, I had to be extra careful.

When I first started, I never had any confrontations with any kind of authority. My first encounter was at a massage parlor where they arrested everyone in the place. However, I was let go because I wasn’t doing anything. They questioned me about the boss, but no one ever divulged his name.

My second encounter was when I was in an in-call in NYC. I was desperate and needed a call badly since my rent was going to be late again and the downturn of the economy was really affecting me.

The guy walked in, and I had an instant feeling of uncertainty. He didn’t wear the clothes of the typical John, and he smoked a lot because I smelled it on him as he passed by.

I had a bad feeling about him. He wore dirty sneakers and smelly clothes and had a very nonchalant attitude. I did not ask for a donation upfront.

Instead, I offered a drink, and he wanted a beer. Beer? This is very new; I have never ordered a beer for a trick. Well, it arrived in five minutes. He sat across the bed. My intuition was so strong I just opted to speak to him about himself and where he was from.

He told me some story about how he was a Canadian hockey player. He looked so out of shape I knew it was a lie. I encouraged him to go on, and his stories were not matching. Forty-five minutes left and we still had our clothes on and his beer not touched. Finally, he admitted he was an officer, and told me I couldn’t handle jail.

He showed me his badge and gave me advice on being safe. He suggested I stay off chat rooms. My heart was frozen the entire time. He left and told me to have a good day.

I will never forget that day.

The second time happened when, again, I was desperate. A guy called and wanted me to drive an hour to see him. I was so hungry I decided to make the drive. Any other time, I never would have driven out there.

I finally arrived and he answered the door. Again, I had that uneasy feeling. I asked to use the bathroom, and he started to walk me to the back. I started snooping and noticed how everything in the entire house was empty. No clothes, scattered furniture. I looked in the fridge and nothing. The house seemed as if someone moved out, and everything was dusty.

After using the bathroom he walked me to the front, and I told him that this felt weird. He placed the cash on the table, and he sat down. I then looked down and saw his firefighter bracelet. My heart stopped, and told him I had to go.

I ran out of the house to my car three blocks away and did not look back. When I finally calmed down in my car, I drove by and saw police lights in front of the apartment.

Again, my intuition won, and I avoided jail.

I will never forget that moment I saw the bracelet.

The moral of the story is that if it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right. Usually cops want to catch girls without any reason. I understand there are some terrible issues out there, but they should know better than to try to get a high-end girl.

Please listen to your inner voice and screen properly. Do not rush to do things because it can get you into something you weren’t expecting.